Baby Feeding Tips

Make mealtime fun and easy with our baby feeding tips and ideas. From easy first recipes to on-the-go snack tips and ideas for fussy eaters, you'll find plenty of great advice on how to satisfy your moodie little foodie.

Our New Breakfast Favorite: Paleo Pancakes

I am not a great cook and have a really hard time finding inspiration when it comes to healthy meals for my toddler. I found a recipe on the ever faithful Pinterest while looking for paleo recipes for myself. It was a recipe for pancakes that had ingredients in it that I always have and seemed fairly easy. My type of recipe. I tried the recipe, not expecting much, and surely not anticipating that my toddler would approve. To my surprise, he loved them and devoured them.

Here is the recipe for Baylor’s new favorite breakfast, paleo pancakes.

7 Reasons I Love a Booster Seat

At Christmas, we bought our one-year-old a booster seat so she could sit at the table with us. She LOVED it and mealtime immediately became a much happier time for all of us.

Here are seven reasons I’m a huge fan:

Our Adventures in Trying Solids

Soren is nearing the 6-month mark (it’s hard to believe!) and we’ve been taste testing new foods here and there to get him used to the mechanics of eating. For awhile leading up to his 4-month mark, I started reading and asking around to try to figure out WHEN I should start letting him try food and WHAT I should start him out with. I found a lot of conflicting advice, and we also talked to the pediatrician about her thoughts. As with most parenting decisions, there is a huge variety of opinions and choices. For us, it came down to going with what we felt would be best and taking a few cues from Soren.

4 Tips for Breastfeeding Mamas

National Breastfeeding Month is in August, so I thought I’d get a head start and share some tips that helped me while I was nursing my son. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, so I took some classes to help me get prepared. It seemed pretty easy enough and I thought it would just come naturally. Little did I know how challenging it would be for me.

Minnie Mouse Bibs for Your Mini

Thank you Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving us the Minnie Mouse bibs for free. 

My daughter, Isabel, has always preferred to feed herself. When we first started giving her baby purees, she would often scoff at the spoon and jerk her face away. I was dumbfounded because my son never turned his nose up at anything I fed him. I soon realized it wasn’t that Isabel didn’t want to eat. She just wanted to do it all by herself. So we began giving her bits of food on her tray and letting her feed herself. She loved it! We haven’t been able to keep food away from her since. Things did, however, get pretty messy.

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