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Make mealtime fun and easy with our baby feeding tips and ideas. From easy first recipes to on-the-go snack tips and ideas for fussy eaters, you'll find plenty of great advice on how to satisfy your moodie little foodie.

Cooking with Abuelita: Gallo Pinto

I mentioned in an earlier post that gallo pinto is one of my family’s favorite Nicaraguan dishes. We visit my grandmother once a week, and she will usually cook a little something for us with Liam’s help. It’s fun for him to learn and we all get to enjoy the delicious outcome.

This week we had gallo pinto. The secret to a good gallo pinto is to use day-old rice. I’m telling you, it’s the best. Then you can mix in the beans and any other leftovers you may have. That’s what I love about my grandmother’s gallo pinto. It’s always a little different depending on the mix-ins she adds. Check below for the recipe.

Super Easy Potato Soup That Kids Love

Who doesn’t love potato soup? And who wants an easy recipe that doesn’t have tons of ingredients, doesn’t take hours to make, but still turns out super yummy? Well, here it is!

Latin Inspired: Toddler-Friendly Picadillo Recipe

Lately, I’ve been looking for quick and easy recipes that I can prepare for the entire family. The other day, I found this picadillo recipe that was a huge hit.

Picadillo is a traditional Latin American dish made up of ground beef, tomatoes, and other ingredients. This recipe also called for raisins, which gave it a nice, sweet taste. I’m from Miami and eat this dish all the time at Cuban restaurants, but it was the first time I actually tried making it at home. It was packed with flavor and so much easier to make than I thought. I mixed it with some rice, and my little one absolutely loved it. We had leftovers for the next day, which is always a lifesaver.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dish with some Latin flavor, you might want to give this one a try. Here’s how to make it:

Why I Started My Baby on a Bottle, Even Though I'm Breastfeeding

As I finished up the notes at the end of the four-hour nursing shift I had picked up, I felt the familiar twinges that signaled it was time to get home and feed my baby.

Grateful that, as a part-time nurse, I had the opportunity to pick up short shifts that still allowed me to breastfeed my baby, I looked forward to clocking out and checking in at home. Until that is, the charge nurse informed that I wouldn’t be getting out anytime soon. Two hours later and still swamped with patients, my mother called me with my hysterical baby in the background.

I had made the mistake of not getting him started on the bottle. And it was a mistake I wouldn’t make again.

Quick Homemade Applesauce to Please Toddler Tummies!

Last week, my family and I went apple picking. It’s a tradition we do each September, and it’s one that my girls absolutely love. This year, we picked a TON of apples. I have plans to make a few apple pies and maybe an apple cake, and with the rest, I made homemade applesauce.

There are about a million homemade applesauce recipes out there, all calling for different things. Some use lemon, some cinnamon. Some, you add apple cider, some you just add water. And what I’ve discovered is that it really just depends how you like it. I like my applesauce unsweetened, a little tart, and fairly chunky.

With the apples we handpicked from the orchard, I came up with the easiest homemade applesauce recipe…

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