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When You Realize Motherhood Really is a Small World, After All

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a It’s a Small World tee & pant set and It’s a Small World Plush Giraffe for free.

I’m at a place in my motherhood journey, where I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m sleep deprived. I’m second guessing some of my parenting choices. I have all sorts of mommy guilt for not spending enough quality time with each child. I’m certain all my issues and insecurities go back to not having the rest I need, not eating properly, not having enough me time. It’s all adding up, making me feel like I’m just doing it all wrong. Each time I reach out to my fellow mama friends, they’re all talking about similar issues. I look at them and see amazing moms and wonder how they can even have similar struggles when they seem to have it all together. It makes me realize that motherhood is a small world after all.

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3 Baby Items I Can Never Get Enough Of

Being a mother four times around, I’ve seen my fair share of baby products and goods. I’ve most likely owned one of everything out there at one point or another. With each child, naturally more items took over the house. Each girl would go through her fair share of clothes, gear, and toys. Sometimes there were items I always had on hand that were very specific to each girl. My oldest had tons of headbands, her signature accessory. Zaynab had so many giraffe items, I could open a museum. Amani has been my Disney Baby, creating magical moments from the start. However, regardless of their “themes”, there are three items that I can never get enough of.

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3 Ways We Use Our Booster Seat (It's Not Just for Mealtime)

I love our booster seat. Apart from its normal great features such as the 3-point harness, cup holder, and easy clean-up, the CARS booster seat is pretty awesome. It is comfy, the right size for my little one, and compact enough that it doesn’t take up too much space. The booster seat also fits safely and securely in just about any adult chair.

For the most part, here is how we use ours…

cars booster

My 7 Biggest Goals as a Mom for 2015

Instead of just one “resolution” for 2015, I have decided to give myself a list of smaller, more realistic goals. That way, there isn’t so much pressure to be accountable to one huge promise, and I’ll feel even more accomplished after doing more than one thing that I had set my mind to.

Why We Love Our CARS Booster Seat

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me a CARS Booster Seat for free.

Ever since Judah was about a year, we’ve had a CARS booster seat that has been invaluable to us as new parents. Judah loves it and so do we – here’s why it’s one of our favorite, must-have pieces of baby gear!

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