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50% Off Huggies Diapers When You Join Amazon Mom

Parents, this is HUGE! If you are not yet a member of Amazon Mom, you need to join ASAP. From today until November 3, you can receive 50% off all Huggies Diapers, Pull Ups Training Pants and GoodNites Underwear! This is epic. Life-changing, even! With 2 still in diapers at my house, we go through them SO FAST. I don’t even want to know how much we spend on diapers and wipes each month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deal this good before.

Sweet as Hunny: Winnie the Pooh Garden Baby Gear Collection at Sears

Got a little hunny of your own on the way? You’re going to fall head over heels for this adorable Winnie the Pooh Garden collection of baby gear, available at Sears! With every major essential you need for baby, you’ll be decked out with solidly stylish gear with its adorable purple floral patterns and details.

Let’s take a stroll through this mini Hundred Acre Wood of cuteness!

These Wet Bags Are Perfect for a Change in the Weather

Well, it finally happened. The glorious summer and amazing weather we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest has finally turned. As I look out the window, the rain is falling, the traditional red and orange tinged leaves are dripping water onto sidewalks, and morning headlights are reflecting off the sheen of water covering the pavement.

But in this neck of the woods, that doesn’t stop us from braving the outdoors, even with Baby. With these Bumkins wet and snack bags, we’re ready to tackle the elements.

The Cup She Absolutely Can't Do Without

Kids have this way of clinging to the things we least expect. My kids just love certain cups. My daughter especially loves her Minnie Mouse sippy cups made by The First Years. If her drink is not in the right cup, her entire day can go wrong. 

4 Things I Looked for in a Godmother

In the Latino culture, having a godmother for your child is a common practice. It wasn’t until having my own children that I realized the importance of selecting just the right individual for this meaningful role.

I had been asked to be a godmother on a few occasions, and each time I said yes but was never formally asked to dedicated the child to the Lord in a church, which is what we do in my family. We have a baby dedication where the godparents are not only witnesses, but also agree to assist the parents in raising up the child in the ways of the Lord.

When it was time for me to select a godmother for my first born, I had a tough time. I thought long and hard, pondering on the many things I’d like that person to have, as they would be the one shaping and building my child’s future in the event of my absence. In the Hispanic community, more often than not, a godmother is an aunt of yours or a best friend. Their duties usually include paying for the food and drinks at the shower, if not hosting it entirely. Other than that, not much is really expected besides gifts on holidays and monetary help in times of need.

I certainly wanted and expected more from my child’s godmother, and these are the four things I looked for:

alicia gibbs_what to look for in a godmother
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