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Discover the best baby essentials for your new arrival. From checklists to product ideas to baby must-haves, we have everything you need to be fully prepared.

Tips on Helping Babies with Sensitive Skin

From baby acne to cradle cap and eczema, babies tend to get skin issues due to their new, sensitive skin. Soren has had bouts of it all! We’re currently working with him on a bad case of eczema and this humid, hot, Georgia weather isn’t helping! As a mother, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough for your little one when they struggle with something like eczema. I’ve definitely found myself feeling self-conscious about his sad, patchy skin on his sweet baby thighs. BUT I have to tell myself and realize that I’m doing everything I can and it’s quite normal for little ones to struggle with skin issues. More often than not they grow out of these types of things. Their little epidermis is new to this world! While I strongly urge you to consult your pediatrician for any issues concerning baby, here are a couple tips we live by to help little Soren out with his particularly sensitive skin.

Why I’m Ready to Put the Diaper Bag Away

I remember searching online for my first diaper bag so I could add it to my registry. I was so excited. After searching through what felt like hundreds of bags, I settled on something large and simple. A black diaper bag that would fit everything I needed but match all of my clothes. I’m a practical girl.

Minnie Mouse Must-Haves for Your Mini

There’s something about Miss Minnie Mouse that is absolutely charming. For most little ladies she’s the first Disney character to capture their hearts. Given my own little one’s love for Minnie (and Mickey too) I can’t help but take note of the darling Minnie products that are designed with babies and toddlers in mind. I decided to round up some Minnie must haves for toddlers featuring a few items that every mini who loves Minnie needs. Take a look (and if you’ve got a favorite that’s not listed please be sure to share it in the comments!).

8 Adorable Disney Bibs Worth Drooling Over

Macks has been a big drooler since he was two months old. I wasn’t prepared for how much drool he would leave on all of his clothes because neither of my girls were ever big droolers. Macks gets most of his clothes soaking wet just 30 minutes after I put them on because of all of the drool that he produces. I always have an extra set of clothes on hand for those “just in case” moments, but I’ve quickly realized that that’s not enough. I also need several bibs to get me through my day.

To accompany Macks’ stylish wardrobe, Disney Baby has so many cute bibs that will look great with his outfit and keep it from getting soaked! Check out some of my favorite Disney Baby bibs.

Disney Cuddly Reversible Cap and Bib Set

9 Fun Summer Buys from Disney Baby

It’s finally summer and although things have been off to a rather rocky start here, I’m trying to face the summer months with a little more enthusiasm than I am feeling.

Maybe it’s just the pregnancy talking, but can we just admit that summer can be a teensy bit exhausting when you’re trying to entertain a bunch of little kids? To help me get in the summer spirit, I am once again relying on my friends at Disney to send some magic my way with these fun summer buys!

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