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Why I Just Can’t “Let it Go” + Fun Frozen Finds for Your Little One

The thing about a good Disney movie is that you just can’t let it go. Especially if it’s captured the eyes and ears (and subsequently heart) of your little one. One of the things that I love so much about Disney movies is that these beautifully told stories often manage to capture our hearts too. They speak to the inner child in all of us. The part of us that still believes in magic. The part of us that sees parenthood as a multitude of things, among them being a chance to experience the magic of childhood again.

Not since the Little Mermaid and the Lion King has a story spoke to me the way the story of Elsa and Anna did. Perhaps the fact that I am a mother of two girls made it even easier for me to fall for these two sisters. My girls and I have sat and watched this movie several times, and each time they look as their mama’s eyes get glassy. The first time we watched it I wept. Yes. I know. You too?

And despite welcoming an occasional break from the soundtrack (currently in my car CD player) I just can’t let this movie go. It’s found a place amongst my favorites. This mama is moved by a story about sisterhood and love in its many forms.

Perhaps for me, the takeaway, the message that keeps me coming back, is that sisters will always be sisters.

In the end, nothing was a match for the love of a sister. People will come and go, but sisterhood – that is forever. And as I’ve said before, my hope is that my two girls – sisters – will be there to hold each other and love and support one another when their daddy and I no longer can.

At almost two, I don’t think my toddler really understands the significance of a movie that has managed to warm the hearts of many, despite what the title might suggest. But when she looks up at her sister saying, “Hold me sister” — and when the first words that come out of her mouth in the morning are “Sister where are you?” — it’s clear to me that she understands the gift she has in the form of a sibling.

As a tribute to the movie that we still can’t get enough of, here are a few Frozen products currently available for purchase at Disney Store.

8 Ways to Save on Baby Gear

One of my best friends recently found out that she is expecting twins. Since I’ve got a little experience under my belt, she asked me how much it cost to have a baby. Her question was kind of funny to me. I didn’t know if she meant the actual cost of childbirth in a hospital, the prices of daycare, or what. Turns out, she was simply asking me how much “stuff” costs for little ones. Clothes, cribs, carseats, diapers, etc. She wanted to plan ahead and save as much as possible, just like any mama-to-be. I gave her a terrible answer and told her that it costs as much as you want it to cost.

But really, that’s the truth. You could easily spend a fortune on baby gear, if you wanted to. There are high-dollar designer cribs and layettes. But, there are plenty of ways to save, too! Babies grow out of things so quickly, it makes sense to shop smart. The majority of our baby stuff is used, either given to us by relatives, or bought by me at consignment or garage sales. When I shop this way, it gives me some wiggle room, and I can occasionally splurge on something I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Here are 8 ways to save on baby gear…

Cuddle Up With Adorable Disney Plush Blankies

My sweet little girl has reached the point where she just wants to cuddle and nuzzle. At 3 months old, she’s aware of her surroundings and is actually quite vocal about her likes and dislikes. These super soft plush blankies would definitely illicit joyous coos and squeals from Amani.

At 10 inches by 10 inches, they’re the perfect size for little ones to reach for and cuddle with. Made of soft velour, they’ll lull your babe to sleep. Choose your favorite character from Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, or Simba, then personalize it with with your child’s name.

Cuddle Up With Adorable Disney Plush Blankies

Baby Registry Essentials - My Top 10 Wishes

With positive pregnancy test in hand, my husband and I looked at each other. Now what? It would be another few months before we’d venture into the store to actually start our baby registry. That first trip was overwhelming, for sure! Just what exactly did we really need? As first-time parents-to-be, we were clueless! While we had a great registry, looking back, there are definitely some items we could have used right off the bat that we never registered for.

Now that I’ve got my first full amazing year of motherhood under my belt, with time and experience comes plenty of mommy wisdom. Here are the top 10 essentials I wished I had thought of to add to my baby registry the first go round!

Tips & Tricks for Successful Babywearing

It’s no secret that I L-O-V-E babywearing. Sure, I loved it with my first. But once my second baby (and even my third) were born, babywearing became a lifestyle. We all know the perks of wearing your baby. Less crying, free hands, amazing bonding, strangers can’t touch them, easing breastfeeding, etc. You don’t have to lug around a carseat or stroller, either! And with other kids in tow, babywearing is a huge lifesaver. I can take my older girls to the park or to the library or to the store with my baby strapped to my chest the entire time. Margot (4 months) LOVES to be worn in a wrap or carrier. She is happy as a clam and would be perfectly content hanging out on me all day long if I let her. If you are curious about babywearing or if you have had babywearing troubles in the past, check out these helpful tips…

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