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Finally! A Sippy Cup That Works for Us

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the NUK Disney Learner Cup for free.

When it comes to sippy cups, I’m not easily impressed. As evidenced by the entire kitchen cupboard that I just purged, full of sippies that didn’t quite make the cut during my daughter’s babyhood. They all failed me for one reason or another — especially the ones that leaked all over my purse and ruined things in the process. Definitely less than ideal.

So, now with my little Clive ready for his first sippy, I was at a loss for what to try. He was never willing to take a bottle, which made things even tricker, but luckily I’ve found the sippy cup of our dreams. This one is seriously fantastic.

Our Favorite Chew-Proof Baby Books

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the Dumbo Soft Book for free.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, the very first purchase I made was a little vintage children’s book from a cute downtown boutique. I couldn’t wait to read it to her and eventually she arrived and I did read it…over and over. That is until she reached the age where she could grab things, because then all she wanted to do with that lovely, little, vintage book was shove it in her mouth and give it a good chew. Not ideal. Since then, I’ve discovered the importance of having chew-proof baby books.

A Few of Our Favorite Chew Proof Baby Books

8 Tips for Work at Home Moms

I’ve been a work-at-home mom for almost 3 years. With 3 kids and a decent workload, it can be extremely hard to manage. I’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. Every day, I’m problem solving the to-dos and trying to figure out how to get it all done. Deadlines can’t wait. But neither can crying babies. It’s a constant juggle. Here are 8 tips for work at home moms that might help you be able to manage it all a little bit better…

4 Essentials That Made Our Long Road Trip Successful

The week before Christmas we packed up the house (at least it felt that way), loaded the car, and set off on a road trip north for a weeklong ski trip to Whistler, Canada. A beautiful winter wonderland with a drive that’s almost as stunning. It’s turned into somewhat of an every other year excursion for us, and this year was the first time Wyatt got to come along.

Traveling with a toddler is never easy. The stuff, the bulky cold weather clothes, the car activities, all had our car packed to the brim. We set off for the nine hour drive early on a Sunday morning wondering exactly how well Wyatt would do stuck in a car seat for so long?

Here’s how we succeeded.

6 Potty Training Methods to Choose From

I’ve been where you are. Your little one starts showing signs of wanting to go potty on the toilet, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

The truth is, there is no one perfect method. In fact, what works for one of your kids might not work for your others. As a mom of three, I can attest to this. Depending on a kid’s age, readiness, and temperament, (okay and let’s be honest — willpower!) you’ve got to pick a method that works for them.

Here are some great options.

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