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Diaper Station Must-Haves

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me Huggies Little Movers Diapers for free.

Jon and I quickly learned that having quick access to diapers is VERY important. Especially during those oh-so-wonderful blowouts. ;) We knew it wasn’t practical to always carry Soren upstairs to his nursery in order to change him. We do this more now that he’s nearly 7 months, but still find it very important to have a diaper changing station available to us on the main floor, preferably within arm’s reach. :)

First of all, you definitely don’t need a huge space for this. Just a nice basket or rolling cart will do. Pick something that works with your decor and that will easily fit all of your needs. I also recommend making this portable so you can easily move it from room to room if needed. My favorite is a rolling cart. It looks industrial, is easy to clean, has plenty of room to hold everything we need, AND is easy to hide away. Win!

Introducing Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers Essentials

One of my best girlfriends just had her baby Alice this week – a rosy-cheeked, button-nosed little girl who’s sweet, cuddly, and perfectly good-natured. And as soon as we saw a sneak peek of Alice from the hospital, my mind instantly returned to the roller coaster of emotions I experienced with my first baby, Bee. She arrived early, like Alice, and I remember racing around between contractions, fluffing the nest I’d been creating for the past nine months. And looking back, I realize she truly only needed three things…

minnie mouse coral flowers collection

Why Didn't I Think of This Mom Hack Sooner?

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and for giving me a package of HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers for free.

I’d like to think that after almost 15 months of parenting, I’ve got this whole “motherhood” thing figured out for the most part. I know when my child is hungry, when he needs a nap, and when he just wants a cuddle. I’ve learned plenty of mom hacks, but in 15 months, I still hadn’t figured out the most basic mom hack of all: having a separate diaper caddy for our downstairs. Until this morning.

As I went to unlock the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs, I totally had an “aha!” moment when I realized that I didn’t have to schlepp up and down the stairs for every single diaper change – with a growing toddler who’s still not yet walking on his own, no less!

Here’s what I quickly put together to make diaper changes even that much easier in our house.

10 Must-Have Items Your Baby Needs for School

I feel like I was just counting the days until summer, and now back-to-school sales are popping up everywhere and we are getting ready for fall. The seasons just fly by, don’t they?

How to Use Your Bumkins Wet Bag

Have you seen these Wet Bags from Bumkins?

Mickey Mouse Wet Bag

They are SO cute! And better yet, they’re just crazy useful. They zip shut, weigh practically nothing, and are machine-washable.

Here’s a few ways I love to use them:

  1. Wet swimsuits. Nothing worse than soaking the seat of your car with a wet swimsuit.
  2. A yucky diaper when no garbage is around. Sometimes you get stuck somewhere that has no garbage cans, but you want to keep it from leaking all over everything else while you get it home.
  3. Clothing that’s been spit-up on. Those babies! They just don’t know to stop throwing up their little lunches.
  4. Used wipes. Ever grabbed a wipe to clean off a messy face or hands and then had nowhere to stick them? No more!
  5. Filthy shoes. Little ones seem to know just where those muddiest spots are. And you don’t want those shoes all over the carseat or stroller.

Minnie Mouse Wet Bag

Mickey Mouse Wet Bag
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