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4 Things I Looked for in a Godmother

In the Latino culture, having a godmother for your child is a common practice. It wasn’t until having my own children that I realized the importance of selecting just the right individual for this meaningful role.

I had been asked to be a godmother on a few occasions, and each time I said yes but was never formally asked to dedicated the child to the Lord in a church, which is what we do in my family. We have a baby dedication where the godparents are not only witnesses, but also agree to assist the parents in raising up the child in the ways of the Lord.

When it was time for me to select a godmother for my first born, I had a tough time. I thought long and hard, pondering on the many things I’d like that person to have, as they would be the one shaping and building my child’s future in the event of my absence. In the Hispanic community, more often than not, a godmother is an aunt of yours or a best friend. Their duties usually include paying for the food and drinks at the shower, if not hosting it entirely. Other than that, not much is really expected besides gifts on holidays and monetary help in times of need.

I certainly wanted and expected more from my child’s godmother, and these are the four things I looked for:

alicia gibbs_what to look for in a godmother

New NUK Mickey and Minnie Pacifiers and Learner Cups at Walmart

Whether you’re transitioning from bottle to cup or looking for the perfect pacifier to soothe your baby, the new NUK Mickey and Minnie pacifiers and learner cups are just what you need. We’ve been huge fans of NUK products ever since our little guy was born, and although our son is a thumb sucker, NUK was one of the very few brands of pacifiers he liked. When our little guy was fussy (and nothing seemed to soothe him) the NUK pacifier did the trick. We always carried it with us when we were headed to the mall or eating out.


Super Cute Disney Baby Clothing Now 30% Off!

Fall is in full swing, and that means the temperatures are starting to drop. I’ve just started to transition Macks’ wardrobe from summer to fall, and I’m so excited to do so because that means a shopping trip is in my future. After having two little girls, I find it so much fun to shop for my baby boys. I think that they are just as fun (if not more) to shop for as girls are.

Because Macks grows out of clothes so quickly, I try to take advantage of the sales when I see them. And it looks like I’ll be stopping by Babies”R”Us this weekend to grab some clothes for Macks because they are all 30% off!

2-in-1 Disney Compact Potty Seats on Sale!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve tripped over the stools and potty seats currently littering my bathroom, I would probably be spending my money on these genius 2-in-1 Disney Compact Potty Seats instead.

Not only do these seats save space by working double-time as a step-stool for baby and a potty chair, but the Disney designs will make your little one so excited to have their own special seat (and stool!). Whether you choose Minnie Mouse or Nemo, you can’t go wrong. Oh, and did I mention that they’re on sale? Click through for the details!

15 Unexpected Ways I Use Baby Wipes

Before becoming a mom, I mistakenly believed that baby wipes were only good for wiping baby behinds. But, now I know better and I used baby wipes for EVERYTHING. I will be carrying baby wipes around in my purse long after my babies aren’t really babies anymore, because they are seriously that useful. AND…ever since I discovered these Huggies Clutch & Clean Wipes, they also got a whole lot cuter to tote around. But, I digress…here are 15 unexpected ways I use baby wipes!

15 Unexpected Ways I Use Baby Wipes
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