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What I Miss Most About Having A Newborn

How is it possible that my youngest baby, Bentley, is going to be a one-year-old on March 1st?! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how quickly time flies by and how much I miss him being a teenie-tiny baby who slept most of the hours of the day, yet somehow barely slept at night.

Having a newborn can be a bit stressful because it definitely throws off your sleep schedule, but I really do miss those days when Bentley was brand new to the world, needing my help every hour of the day and night. There really is nothing like the bond between a newborn and his momma.

Here a few of the things I miss most about having a newborn in our house:

Packing For a Week at Grandma & Grandpa's

My wife and I will soon be traveling alone without our son for just the second time since he was born. The trip is partly business and partly vacation all wrapped into one. Which means he’ll be staying with grandma and grandpa for a week while we’re away. They are ecstatic about having him come visit and I’m sure he’s going to have just as much fun but packing for the week is a big undertaking.

Why We Love Our Son's "Lovey"

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me a Disney Baby Piglet Blanky for free.

Sleep dominates the talk in the first year or so of having a new baby. New parents commiserate over sleeping habits of their babies and the questions from others are usually focused on the nighttime hours.

“How are they sleeping?” “Are you getting any sleep?” “How many times is Baby waking up at night?” “Are they sleeping through the night yet?” That’s why we love having our go-to item to help make sleep (almost) a guarantee.

6 Tips for Babyproofing with Big Kids in the House

Well, my daughter recently turned 5 months old, which has meant a huge leap in her development.

She’s reaching, rolling, and chewing and yesterday, I caught my son trying to give her one of his pretend farm animals. After I made a flying leap across the floor to snatch it out of his hands, I realized:

It’s time to get baby proofing. Here are a few tips I’ve found to do it right when you’ve got older kids in the house too.

Finally! A Sippy Cup That Works for Us

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the NUK Disney Learner Cup for free.

When it comes to sippy cups, I’m not easily impressed. As evidenced by the entire kitchen cupboard that I just purged, full of sippies that didn’t quite make the cut during my daughter’s babyhood. They all failed me for one reason or another — especially the ones that leaked all over my purse and ruined things in the process. Definitely less than ideal.

So, now with my little Clive ready for his first sippy, I was at a loss for what to try. He was never willing to take a bottle, which made things even tricker, but luckily I’ve found the sippy cup of our dreams. This one is seriously fantastic.

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