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Discover the best baby essentials for your new arrival. From checklists to product ideas to baby must-haves, we have everything you need to be fully prepared.

How to Care for Your Little One's Curls

My sweet little boy has the cutest curls. Our whole family does actually — my husband, daughter, son and I. Our home is a naturally curly hair zone. Essentially what I do to my own hair is what I do to my children’s hair, making our hair care routine quick and easy — perfect for babies and their precious curls too!

alicia gibbs_chica fashion_baby curls hair care

alicia gibbs_chica fashion_baby curls hair care

The Perfect 'Cool' Diaper Bag for Dad

Let’s face it: Dads these days want to have their own diaper bags too, and not have to carry their wives’ “girly” diaper bags. My husband actually owns three diaper bags of his own, and I’ve actually caught myself borrowing his. If your man is on the hunt for his own ‘cool’ bag, then check out this Mickey Mouse Camouflage option.

The Coolest Little Girl's Playpen I Ever Did See

With my first baby, I happily registered for the sweetest little white bassinet for our baby shower. 

It was trimmed with lace and frills, with a delicate silk green ribbon running along its curved top–you know, in case we had a boy next, so it wasn’t too girly. I imagined days spent gazing over the side of the bassinet at my perfect little baby in our perfect, pristine nursery as the soft hazy glow of motherhood surrounded us both, making me look tired but yet serenely beautiful.

And my dreams came true–for about a week anyways. And then the bottom on the bassinet gave out and started to curve and my daughter wouldn’t sleep in it for more than a millisecond and same with baby #2 and then when baby #3 was born, he was a giant baby and wouldn’t even fit in the darn thing at all, so I wised up and finally dragged out the playpen into our bedroom.


If I had one word of advice for pregnant moms, it would be to forgo any cutest little bassinets for baby and instead, invest in a really nice playpen, because it’s really the one piece of equipment you will need to save your life. A good playpen can be the baby’s crib, can fit in your room or any room in the house, and it can do double duty as a bassinet, bouncy chair, changing table, and dresser. (Yup, I store clothes in the bottom of mine.)

And if you’re really, really smart, you will pick up this Graco Pack `n Play Cuddle Cove Premier Rocking Seat Play Yard, because it really is the coolest little girl’s play pen I have ever seen.

50% Off Huggies Diapers When You Join Amazon Mom

Parents, this is HUGE! If you are not yet a member of Amazon Mom, you need to join ASAP. From today until November 3, you can receive 50% off all Huggies Diapers, Pull Ups Training Pants and GoodNites Underwear! This is epic. Life-changing, even! With 2 still in diapers at my house, we go through them SO FAST. I don’t even want to know how much we spend on diapers and wipes each month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deal this good before.

Sweet as Hunny: Winnie the Pooh Garden Baby Gear Collection at Sears

Got a little hunny of your own on the way? You’re going to fall head over heels for this adorable Winnie the Pooh Garden collection of baby gear, available at Sears! With every major essential you need for baby, you’ll be decked out with solidly stylish gear with its adorable purple floral patterns and details.

Let’s take a stroll through this mini Hundred Acre Wood of cuteness!

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