Baby's Day Out

Make your outings with Baby fun and easy with these inspired ideas. From a short trip to the coffee shop to a stroll around the block, each small excursion offers a world of possibilities.

My Baby Grew Fins!

Although this is not Baylor’s first summer, this is his first summer as a toddler. This year, it took him a little bit to warm up to the pool, but now that he is fully reacquainted with it we can hardly get him out! He is a full on “water baby” these days.

Swimming with Minnie Mouse

Thank you Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving us the Minnie Mouse towel and wet bag for free. 

My kids love to swim. I started both of them in swimming lessons before they were even a year old. As a result, they never met a pool they didn’t like and we always have to be ready to get wet – especially in these hot summer months. I’m always looking for ways to make our weekly swim class (and various other pool and beach outings) just a little bit easier and that’s where the Minnie Mouse towel and wet bag come in. 

minnie mouse

An Indoor Summer Activity for the Whole Family

This summer, our family has discovered bowling.

I don’t know why it never struck me before that this was an ideal outing even with the under-two crowd, but it’s perfect.

Bowling with a Toddler

Our Favorite FREE Summer Activities

Every morning when my son wakes up, his first question is, “What I’m doing today?” Now that it’s summertime, we have a LOT of free time on our hands. I try to make being at home exciting (hooray for painting, reading books, and watching our favorite Disney movies!) but my kids also like to go out. There is plenty to do around town but it can get expensive paying for zoo trips and aquariums and specialty indoor playgrounds. So I try to keep a handy list of FREE activities we can enjoy outside the home. Here are some of our favorites:


9 Summer Activities I Can't Wait to Do With My 1-Year Old

With the unofficial start of summer last weekend, we’re ready to take Judah out to explore all the summer fun that his hometown (and beyond) has to offer this season! With plenty of sunshine and longer days, there so many outdoor activities we’ve been waiting to do for just the right weather.

If you’re looking for inspiration about fun outdoor things to do with your baby or toddler or summer, look no further!

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