Baby's Day Out

Make your outings with Baby fun and easy with these inspired ideas. From a short trip to the coffee shop to a stroll around the block, each small excursion offers a world of possibilities.

The Importance of the Family Selfie

Selfies are the new thing. Originally, I thought a selfie was just a picture you took of yourself, alone. But as it turns out, you can have as many people in the photo as possible, as long as you are taking the photo yourself.

One of our new family traditions is to, of course, take a selfie whenever we can: Saturday mornings when we’re all laying in bed, in the car about to embark on a family roadtrip, or during a fun family outing (like apple picking, below). I know they are silly, and I’m fairly certain every professional photographer would roll their eyes over the photo quality, but I actually love taking family selfies. Here’s why…

Back to School Can Be Magical for Baby Too!

It’s back to school season across the country, and while my little buddy is still a ways off from his first day of school, the excitement of returning to class, I think, is still felt by him.

We live near two schools, a private and public elementary school and the air is filled with shouts, screams, giggles, and excitement everywhere in the neighborhood. And he can’t get enough of it!

First Trip to the Zoo is a Magical Family Experience

With the waning days of summer upon us, we thought it was the perfect time to get outside and do something we’d never done before. The zoo.

We’ve been anxiously waiting because we really wanted our little guy to be able to take in the sights, sounds, and animals. It turned out to be a perfect day and an amazing and surprising experience for the entire family.

Free Activities to Enjoy with Your Little One This Fall

As the weather begins to cool down (or at least becomes more bearable in Miami) I’m looking forward to doing more outdoor activities with our little guy. Some of my favorite things to do doesn’t even cost a dime. If you’re looking for some toddler-friendly activities that won’t break the bank this fall, here are a few of my favorites:

Prepping for a Roadtrip

In a couple of weeks, my husband and I are driving to Texas with our three girls. It’s about a 13-hour drive, which is a lot for anyone, especially two toddlers and a baby. We’ve road-tripped before with our girls, but never for quite this long. I’m trying my best to plan ahead so we can have a smooth trip. I know it won’t be all puppy dogs and rainbows, but I think a little preparation can certainly help.

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