Baby's Day Out

Make your outings with Baby fun and easy with these inspired ideas. From a short trip to the coffee shop to a stroll around the block, each small excursion offers a world of possibilities.

6 Tips for an Awesome Beach Day with Baby and Toddler

One of the perks of living in Miami is being so close to the beach. It’s a great family activity because it’s free, the kids can run around, and there’s just nothing like swimming in the ocean. The one thing you have to watch out for is the baby eating sand. If I don’t watch my daughter like a hawk she will shove a fistful of sand in her mouth like it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted.

Easy Snacks for Summer Outings

I don’t know about you, but my children are always hungry.

The four-year-old even came up to me the other day, rubbing her apparently pitifully empty stomach a mere 20 minutes after I had finished cleaning up dinner and moaned, “Mom, why am I always hungry?”

Why indeed.

And as much as my children would probably prefer it, I’m not about to let them sit at home and eat snacks all day – in fact, once in a while I even force them to (gasp!) get out of the house for some summer activities.

Which, of course, means packing some healthy snacks along for the ride — and that’s why I was so excited to try the new good2grow Organic Juice bottles that my kids are seriously in love with.

Surviving 3 Kids: A Trip to the Pool

I’m back today, sharing another post in my “Surviving 3 Kids” series here on Disney Baby. Today, let’s talk about a trip to the pool. No matter how many little ones you have, an afternoon at the pool can be a bit hectic. From keeping an eye on clumsy toddlers to avoiding the rowdy 12-year-olds (who don’t know to watch out for the clumsy toddlers,) it is a workout! This summer, we got a family pool pass and have been going a few times a week. Now that we’ve been at it for a month or so, I feel like I have a better idea on what to do and how to survive with three little ones at the pool…

Motherhood: The Hard Part

It’s taken me weeks to be able to sit down and put these words to the keys. Motherhood is hard. Really hard. While I love sharing with you all the magical moments, sharing the tough stuff is what makes all of this real. Being a parent isn’t a walk in the park. It gets tough.

What to Pack for Toddler Summer Camp

Next week, my 18-month old starts his toddler summer camp. We decided to only send him for one week as a way to get him prepared for when he officially starts “pre-school” in September. Besides, as new parents I’m sure we’ll be in tears, so it kind of helps prepare us as well. The other day when I was talking to my husband, he asked me, “So what does Andres need to take to summer camp?”

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