Baby's Day Out

Make your outings with Baby fun and easy with these inspired ideas. From a short trip to the coffee shop to a stroll around the block, each small excursion offers a world of possibilities.

Our Fall Bucket List

It’s no secret that autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year. From cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets to apple picking and visiting the pumpkin patch, I have always loved the fall season. With kiddos in tow, it has become even more fun. We love family hikes on our favorite trails, decorating the house for fall, and dressing up for Halloween! To celebrate the season, I thought I’d make a fall bucket list – all things I hope to do with my family this autumn!

How Having a Newborn Keeps Me On Time

I have a very bad habit. I am habitually late. It’s not something I’m proud of, it’s just something that always happens despite my best efforts. No matter how hard I try, I am always late. I’m certain it’s because I always underestimate how long it takes to get ready and overestimate how quick it will take me. It’s one thing to get out of the house on time, it’s a whole other ball game when you add four kids to the mix. However, I’ve noticed something since I’ve begun more outings with all the girls together. I’ve found that I’m now on time, or at least “less late”.

How Having a Newborn Keeps Me On Time

Amani's Summer Out as a Newborn

Summer was just a few weeks away when I gave birth to Amani on May 7th. I knew it was going to be a very laid back summer as I took time for my postpartum recovery. I was looking forward to easy-going outings with my daughters that were both fun for them but simple enough for me to handle with my now four children! We took short and manageable trips that included a lot of sweet “firsts” for Amani.

Baby's Summer Out

Why I Haven't Given Up On Babywearing

I first knew about baby wearing when I first became a mother almost eight years ago. I knew there were many benefits to carrying my baby close to me. The top benefits that really drew me in were baby crying less,constant interaction, and convenient hands free movement. I tried slings, pouches, and front carriers. I had limited success with each one. Either my daughter was really fussy — I thought baby is supposed to cry less? — or my back would really hurt at the end of the day. Frustrated, I put away my carriers and stuck to toting them around in their car seat and strollers during outings. Then Amani came along and changed my babywearing experiences completely.

Baby wearing and pushing a stroller

The 4 Stages of My Diaper Bag Style

When I was pregnant with my first child, I started my research on all things “baby.” I was especially interested in everything I needed to survive an outing with my baby. I bought into all the hype, made sure I had all the items on every baby “must-have” list, and carried it all with me. Always.

Now three years and two kids later, it’s funny to see how my diaper bag has evolved.

diaper bag
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