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Get creative with these fun DIY craft ideas. Find craft ideas for every occasion with Baby, from everyday moments to milestone events. No special talents required -- just easy, unforgettable fun!

Oh "Two"dles: A Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

We are huge Mickey Mouse fans in our house. Harlan and Avery watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse nearly every morning while I am fixing them breakfast. As a Disney lover who grew up going to Walt Disney World all the time, I am a huge fan of the mouse too. That is why I fell in love with this Mickey Mouse themed birthday party thrown by Leslie Venokur of Big City Moms for her son Max’s second birthday.

With great attention to detail and adorable decorations, I couldn’t help but share this party with all of you! 

Table Set Up

5 Cool Treats for the Summer Heat

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy. Summer vacay is still upon us, school is out, and the backyard parties are still going on. But don’t hot afternoons deserve a oh-so-cool treat? A simple dessert is the perfect way to cool off. Guaranteed, you’ll want to knock these treats off your summer bucket list! These easy, family-friendly recipes are great for everyone to enjoy on their backyard patio on hot summer days.

10 Must-Do Summer Projects for Little Ones

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of July! Summer is FLYING by! However, some days seem to linger on. If you are looking for some fun ideas of things to do with your little one during the summer months, consider 1 of these fabulous creative projects! From sensory play to creative art, your little one will have a BLAST with these ideas and will bust summer boredom in a flash…

How to Make a Quilt from Baby's Old Clothing

My beautifully talented friend Kacia of Coconut Robot is my go-to-DIY-sewing-guru. When I asked her how I could create a perfect first birthday gift for a dear friend, she shared this amazing idea with me: A baby bodysuit quilt. What more could a Mom ask for? All of her favorite clothes from her little one, put into one beautiful keepsake for years to come. It’s such a beautiful memory for any mother, and it makes the perfect gift.

Click through to see just how to make a quilt from old baby bodysuits!

How I'm Documenting Margot's First Year

To document Margot’s first year, I wanted to do something cute, but also simple. I have always loved the idea of taking weekly photos, capturing her growth and progress for an entire year. But, it always seemed like a BIG job, something that I certainly wouldn’t have time for. Turns out, it’s a lot easier than I thought! With a super simple backdrop and a few cute “props” from her room, I’ve been able to take some pretty adorable photos of Margot each week…

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