Baby Crafts

Get creative with these fun DIY craft ideas. Find craft ideas for every occasion with Baby, from everyday moments to milestone events. No special talents required -- just easy, unforgettable fun!

A Super Easy Snowman Craft That Toddlers Love

I love decorating for the holidays – but I don’t love how expensive some decorations can be. I try to keep a tight budget when it comes to decorating, splurging only on special ornaments or things of that nature.

I also try to keep my decor kid-friendly so I’m always on the look out for ideas my kids will love. My friend, Ana, recently shared her snowman door, and I fell in love with the idea. Her gorgeous son, Lucca, helped put it together, and it seems to be a hit in their household. 

A Christmas Tree That Baby Can Play With!

Babies and toddlers are curious creatures — and when Christmas comes around, that curiosity piques. All of a sudden, there are lights, garlands, and so many shiny things. When that big tree goes up with all the colorful ornaments, it’s almost like a moth to a flame. They simply can’t help themselves. They. Must. Touch. That. Tree.

And that’s when disaster strikes. How do you keep baby away from the tree? In our house, we came up with a great solution.

My Favorite Wet Wipe Box Hack: Crayon Box!

If I had a dollar for every diaper box and wet wipe container that I’ve bought in my seven years of parenting, well, I’d probably have a lot of dollars.

But because I’m a big believer in buying diapers and wet wipes both (clean baby bottoms for the win!), I’ve put my dollars to good use and am glad that I have no guilt about being a proud disposable diaper mom, because that’s what has worked for our family.

That being said however, I think it makes me extra happy to be able to recycle when I can and my very favorite use of an old wet wipe container has to be this one.

A Last Minute DIY Advent Calendar

Someday I’m gonna be the mom that has it all together and plans everything weeks or months in advance. Or maybe not. There’s just something about that last minute rush that really gets me going.

Tomorrow is December 1st, and some families have beautiful and creative advent calendars ready to go for their little ones. But if you waited until the last minute and all of a sudden decided you want to have an advent calendar for your family – don’t worry, here is an easy and fun idea.

A Cute Little Craft for Your Disney Baby

Something that I love about my church is that they hold regular play dates all over the city for moms of babies and toddlers. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s nice to get together with other moms and have my kids interact with other kids. It’s also nice because they will often have crafty activities for the children to enjoy. I have to say, I am not very crafty. We have a well-stocked art supply closet in the house but most of the time I just give my kids the supplies and let them go crazy. We don’t really make anything special.

Recently, I took my daughter to one of our church’s play dates, and they were making Mickey and Minnie inspired crafts. Since Isabel is a true Disney Baby, she was pumped about this craft. We had fun working on it together and it was so easy even I could pull it off.  

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