Baby Crafts

Get creative with these fun DIY craft ideas. Find craft ideas for every occasion with Baby, from everyday moments to milestone events. No special talents required -- just easy, unforgettable fun!

Garden Projects for Toddlers

Springtime is here, which means it’s GARDENING SEASON! I couldn’t be more thrilled to start getting my hands dirty and my thumbs green with my little ones in tow. Even the tiniest of gardeners can help out with the keeping and care of flowers, plants, and vegetables. Whether you have a small garden on your porch or a big huge veggie garden in your yard, letting your little one help out is a must. My girls both started gardening when they were just babes and they still love it! (And, they love to EAT every vegetable we grow! Parenting win!) Click through for 12 awesome garden projects for little ones…

14 Clever Ways to Use Baby Food Jars

Once your baby starts on solid food, it suddenly seems like you’re going through a million jars a day!

And those empty bottles start piling up quickly.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to use them after the pear puree is gone.

Check out these 14 clever projects!

Paint Dipped Mini Vases

20 Easter Crafts for Toddlers

April has finally arrived, which means Easter will soon be here. To celebrate the season with your little guy or gal, have some fun working on an Easter craft project or two! My girls and I love to get creative and make things, especially when there’s a fun holiday to celebrate at the same time. I’ve rounded up 20 of the most adorable Easter crafts and activities for little ones. From bunnies and chicks to carrots and eggs, you’ll have a blast making these cute Easter crafts!

Everything You Need for a DIY Baby Shower

Last week, I woke up to the most wonderful surprise. A group of friends (all friends online, none have I met in real life!!) surprised my friend Carla and I with a virtual baby shower. We woke up to find 14 different blog posts, all featuring amazing handmade items for baby – including baby shower invitations and refreshments! Not only did they surprise us online, but they ended up sending each of us all of their handmade goodies in the mail. From cute little burp cloths and baby shoes to nursery art and confetti balloons, they covered everything you’d need for a DIY baby shower! Take a look…

Rainy Day Ideas for Little Ones Under 2

In just a matter of time, the rainy season will be here. Although the temperature will be warmer, I’m sure we’ll still feel a bit of cabin fever as thunderstorms leave us trapped inside. From my experience though, rainy weather is way better on little ones than snow. We can still get outside to splash in the puddles (as long as there isn’t lightning) and it makes for a cozy, creative day indoors. As a stay-at-home mom, rain sort of forces me to get creative. It makes me come up with fun (and sometimes messy) ways to have fun with my little ones. Here are a few rainy day ideas for little ones under 2…

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