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Super Cute Disney Baby Clothing Now 30% Off!

Fall is in full swing, and that means the temperatures are starting to drop. I’ve just started to transition Macks’ wardrobe from summer to fall, and I’m so excited to do so because that means a shopping trip is in my future. After having two little girls, I find it so much fun to shop for my baby boys. I think that they are just as fun (if not more) to shop for as girls are.

Because Macks grows out of clothes so quickly, I try to take advantage of the sales when I see them. And it looks like I’ll be stopping by Babies”R”Us this weekend to grab some clothes for Macks because they are all 30% off!

Disney Costumes for Babies and Kids Available on Amazon

Are you still trying to find the perfect costume for your kiddo? There are plenty of Disney options to choose from on Amazon–from classics like Mickey Mouse and Snow White to more unique ideas like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! They come in infant sizes as well as child sizes, making them perfect for kiddos of every age.

Be sure to check them out!

Disney Baby Costumes at Toys"R"Us

If you are searching for the perfect little Disney costume for your babe, you are in luck! Toys”R”Us is selling an exclusive set of Disney Baby costumes, complete with adorable matching shoe covers! There are four styles available – Mickey, Minnie, Snow White, and Ariel – and all of them are just precious!

Click through to see them all, then check out a Toys”R”Us near you to purchase!

DIY Costumes for Babies & Kids

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. Do you know what your kiddos are going to be this year? My girls keep changing their minds. One day they want to be spiders, the next day they want to be princesses.

Most years, I like to make their costumes myself. It’s fun to do and often cheaper than buying one, especially since they’ll only wear it one night.

If you are also looking to make your own Halloween costumes, click through this great round up of DIYs. There are tutorials for every skill type – from no-sew, to more advanced! 

Fall is Here! Check Out These Disney Dungarees

I haven’t jumped on the adult overalls trend, but there’s nothing cuter than a pair on a little baby or toddler.

These five pairs of dungarees from Disney are perfect for the cooler days of fall and easy to layer up in winter!

Mickey Mouse Denim Dungarees
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