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5 Ways to Keep Baby Warm in Winter

By now, most of us have experienced frigid temperatures and maybe even deep snow. As in any season, there are a few ways we can keep our babies happy and healthy when we welcome the bitter cold.

Here are a few of my tried-and-true tips for keeping baby warm in winter…



DIY Emoji Bodysuits

Need a gift that you can make and give to your littlest lovebug for Christmas? These DIY Emoji Bodysuits are amazing! I’m totally in love with emojis and can hardly type a text message or Instagram without them! I love the idea of putting one on a cute little outfit for baby. (The poop one?! Oh my gosh!) With only 2 supplies (plain white bodysuits and iron transfer paper) you can make an entire wardrobe for your favorite little one…

Time to Bundle Up: It's Snowtime!

We’ve been on the go this holiday season, traveling out of state for Thanksgiving, going on a recent weekend getaway with friends, and are now looking forward to an upcoming family ski trip with aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s been a busy time, which means we’re having to make sure we’ve got exactly what we need for each different place we’re going.

As we prepare to hit the slopes, we know the chilly temperatures require keeping our little guy warm, which is why I love this Mickey snowsuit.

La Colección de Zapatos de mi Niño

My Toddler's Shoe Collection

A lo largo de mi embarazo con mi hijo, a menudo me preocupaba si tendríamos suficiente financieramente para cubrir los gastos de un segundo hijo, sobre todo porque habíamos decidido que sería una ama de casa. Un día en mi iglesia, alguien dio una palabra y me hizo saber que todo iba a estar bien y que mi hijo iba a tener todo lo que necesitaba.Aun que quería simplemente descansar en esas palabras, yo todavía tenía mis días de preocupación. Mirando hacia atrás, sin embargo, ni siquiera ahora, veo que mi hijo nunca ha tenido una falta de ningún tipo mucho en el departamento de ropa y calzados.

My Toddler's Shoe Collection

Holiday Dinner Outfit Ideas for Baby

In my family, the holidays are a big deal! Not only because we get together with family we haven’t seen for quite some time and make new memories, but also because of the outfits.

For as long as I can remember, my mother always bought us a special outfit for every holiday dinner, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve. She and I would get all dolled up, and it’s a special memory that is dear to my heart.

It has always been a tradition, one I have gladly carried on in to my own little family. Each holiday, I take pride in how my children will look and what they will wear. Some years, I wait until the last minute, but it always works out in my benefit, as holiday clothing is usually discounted. I am able to buy the clothes on sale and use a coupon for additional savings, spending very little but allowing my children to look amazing.

Here are a few holiday outfits perfect for babies to wear during holiday dinner parties…

Boy's Holiday Outfits
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