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Disney Baby Halloween Costumes Now Available at Costco

Although summer hasn’t officially come to an end, it’s on its way, and fall will be here before we know it. As much as I love the summer months, I have a special place in my heart for fall. Between the leaves changing and all of the holidays celebrated, it is my favorite time of year. One of those holidays celebrated during fall is Halloween. Macks will celebrate his first Halloween this year, and while I haven’t put much thought into what he is going to dress up as, I know that I need to start planning and shopping. I plan on checking out Costco, where they have these Disney Baby costumes available now in-store for $18.99!

Soren's Shoe Picks for Little Toes!

We love getting adorable slippers and soft-soled shoes for Soren to wear. We can hardly resist the Monsters, Inc. monster feet slippers — how adorable! Here are Soren’s top shoe picks to keep his toes cozy at home.

Our Top Toy Story Picks

My little boy is a lover of all things Toy Story. From the first time he watched he has been obsessed with it all. I can’t blame him — it is one of my favorites, too!

Here are some of our favorite Disney Baby Toy Story products that we know all of our fellow Toy Story lovers will enjoy.

Lion King Fashion for Your Little Cub

The Lion King Fashion Collection has made its way to the Disney Store, and it is one that is not to be missed. With just the right amount of options, and each piece being quite adorable, you may find yourself saying “hakuna matata” as you pick out an outfit for your own little cub. From denim dungarees and rompers to polka-dotted dresses and plush jackets, each piece merges fashion and function in the most charming way.

Something Special: Disney Dresses That Your Little Girl Will Love

I love dresses. I actually don’t wear them too much, but I still love them. I was a tomboy as a child, so although I have grown to love and appreciate a beautiful dress, that tomboy still lives in me.

Lately, I have noticed how much my daughter, Jada, loves dresses. When I buy her a new dress, she smiles, and when she tries it on, she starts dancing all over the house. Her excitement is infectious. I just love it.

Although dresses can’t be an everyday thing (or maybe they can be), I think little girls should have a few cute dresses as options. Whether it’s the ruffles, the flow of a dress, or just how cute they look, the perfect dress goes a long way. Here are a few Disney dresses that your little girl will love.

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