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8 Ways to Save on Baby Gear

One of my best friends recently found out that she is expecting twins. Since I’ve got a little experience under my belt, she asked me how much it cost to have a baby. Her question was kind of funny to me. I didn’t know if she meant the actual cost of childbirth in a hospital, the prices of daycare, or what. Turns out, she was simply asking me how much “stuff” costs for little ones. Clothes, cribs, carseats, diapers, etc. She wanted to plan ahead and save as much as possible, just like any mama-to-be. I gave her a terrible answer and told her that it costs as much as you want it to cost.

But really, that’s the truth. You could easily spend a fortune on baby gear, if you wanted to. There are high-dollar designer cribs and layettes. But, there are plenty of ways to save, too! Babies grow out of things so quickly, it makes sense to shop smart. The majority of our baby stuff is used, either given to us by relatives, or bought by me at consignment or garage sales. When I shop this way, it gives me some wiggle room, and I can occasionally splurge on something I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Here are 8 ways to save on baby gear…

7 Newborn Essentials for Fall

This is my first experience having a fall baby and I have to say, I’m kind of excited. 

Fall is my very favorite season of all–the pumpkin spice, the cozy sweaters, the crisp air. And add a snuggly newborn to the mix?

And you have something that’s better than fresh apple pie.

To help me get into the fall spirit with my new baby, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cozy newborn essentials for fall!

Disney Baby Halloween Costumes Now Available at Costco

Although summer hasn’t officially come to an end, it’s on its way, and fall will be here before we know it. As much as I love the summer months, I have a special place in my heart for fall. Between the leaves changing and all of the holidays celebrated, it is my favorite time of year. One of those holidays celebrated during fall is Halloween. Macks will celebrate his first Halloween this year, and while I haven’t put much thought into what he is going to dress up as, I know that I need to start planning and shopping. I plan on checking out Costco, where they have these Disney Baby costumes available now in-store for $18.99!

Soren's Shoe Picks for Little Toes!

We love getting adorable slippers and soft-soled shoes for Soren to wear. We can hardly resist the Monsters, Inc. monster feet slippers — how adorable! Here are Soren’s top shoe picks to keep his toes cozy at home.

Our Top Toy Story Picks

My little boy is a lover of all things Toy Story. From the first time he watched he has been obsessed with it all. I can’t blame him — it is one of my favorites, too!

Here are some of our favorite Disney Baby Toy Story products that we know all of our fellow Toy Story lovers will enjoy.

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