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Why I Love Footed Pajamas

I find a freshly bathed, baby-powder-smelling baby in footed pajamas to be the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I guess there is something nostalgic and infantile about footed pajamas that makes me want to eat my toddler up. I think it reminds me of how small he once was.

I love footed pajamas, My son not so much


I love footed pajamas, My son not so much

The Most Beloved Socks in the World

Sometimes over the summer, my toddler developed an enormous love of Minnie Mouse.

I’m not sure exactly what prompted it, but suddenly she was obsessed with all things Minnie. She could spot an item emblazoned with the famous mouse a mile away.

At home, her love was primarily directed toward her two pairs of Minnie Mouse socks. She refused to wear any other socks except one of her two pairs of Minnie Socks.

Minnie Mouse Socks

Minnie Mouse Socks

Our Favorite Minnie Mouse Shoes

Thank you Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving us the Minnie Mouse shoes for free.

I’ve always had a hard time picking out shoes for my daughter. I don’t want all her shoes to be loud and pink. Sometimes I want something a little more subtle. It can be hard to find a pair of shoes for a toddler girl that we will both love and that is comfortable to wear everyday but cute enough for special occasions as well. I know, am I asking too much? Maybe I am. But these Minnie Mouse shoes from Robeez check off all the criteria on the list.

When You Realize Motherhood Really is a Small World, After All

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a It’s a Small World tee & pant set and It’s a Small World Plush Giraffe for free.

I’m at a place in my motherhood journey, where I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m sleep deprived. I’m second guessing some of my parenting choices. I have all sorts of mommy guilt for not spending enough quality time with each child. I’m certain all my issues and insecurities go back to not having the rest I need, not eating properly, not having enough me time. It’s all adding up, making me feel like I’m just doing it all wrong. Each time I reach out to my fellow mama friends, they’re all talking about similar issues. I look at them and see amazing moms and wonder how they can even have similar struggles when they seem to have it all together. It makes me realize that motherhood is a small world after all.

It's a Small World Target

3 Reasons We Love Our New Mickey Mouse Moccasins!

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me Mickey Mouse moccasins for free.

I have wanted a pair of leather soft-sole moccasins for my son since he was about 3 months old. Needless to say, when I received these Robeez Mickey moccasins in blue, I was elated.

Robeez Mickey Mouse Moccasins

I have tons of pairs pinned on Pinterest, including a slew of outfit idea pins saved as styling inspiration for when we got a pair. I can’t wait to start playing dress up with him — all he needs now is a couple of slouchy beanies and scarves to finish off his hipster look.

Robeez Mickey Mouse Moccasins
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