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A Pair of Footie Pajamas

Every night, when I get our baby ready for bed, I slip her into her favorite pair of footie pajamas–and I can’t help but smile.

Year after year, baby after baby, there is one memory that will always come to mind when I think back on this time of raising my children.

And that’s how much I love a good pair of footie pajamas. 

What Was the First Item You Bought for Your New Baby?

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me Mickey Mouse crib shoes for free.

I’m not a huge shopper and as a mama, I definitely veer toward the minimalist end of the spectrum. I didn’t buy ANY clothing for my first daughter until she was almost 6 months old because we got so many hand-me-downs and gifts from friends.

But there’s something special about whatever that first purchase you make for your baby is, whether it is clothing or the perfect stroller or a pack of diapers.

Disney Baby Robeez Shoes

Do You Dress Up for Thanksgiving Dinner?

In my family growing up, we always had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner, complete with china, cloth napkins, and candles.

We didn’t get totally dressed up (no ties for my dad and brothers, and dresses weren’t required for us girls), but it was definitely not a sweatpants kind of affair and there were usually not a lot of jeans or t-shirts at dinner.

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3 Tips for Keeping Baby Warm in Chilly Weather

On Halloween day, I took my girls to the park. We’re spending the fall in London, so I was anticipating it would be pretty chilly, but the weather has been beautiful.

On that particular day, both of my girls wore shorts, since the weather was in the 70s.

By the time we walked home, I was hot even with just a scarf and a light t-shirt!

But over the weekend, the weather took a definite cold turn and now it looks like winter is definitely on its way.

Disney Girls Red Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Hooded Full Zip Pram

Why I'm Excited We're Layering Up for Fall

I’m a shorts and flip-flops kind of guy. I’ll try to eek out every last drop of weather I can. Though once I’m forced make the switch, I love to layer up. You could say my “look” consists of long sleeve tees, plaid shirts, and vests; all favorites of mine.

Now that our little guy is growing up and entering fall as a toddler, I’m kinda hoping he likes the same thing. And I think we’ve found some pretty good options.

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