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MINNIE MOUSE Snack Container from The First Years

Even snacking between meals can be fashionable with this snack container featuring Minnie Mouse that offers roaming toddlers the chance to snack on-the-go! This container is perfect for accidental fumbles – no more than 3 pieces of any dry snack will tumble out of the easy pass membrane if your little one should drop the container.  The one-piece lid containing the membrane makes it super easy for you to clean! The comfort handle features a small opening that allows you to put it on a clip for easy transport when you’re running around and juggling responsibilities throughout your day. New for 2013.

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Suggested Retail Price: 4.99

Product Info

For Little Ones:

18 mos +

What's Included:

Disney characters on the cup and sculpted logo on the lid

Bigger than a Breadbox?

Holds 9 ounces

Material Things:

BPA free

Take Care:

Dishwasher safe

Made By:

Rocket Fuel