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MICKEY MOUSE Baby Lovie® from SwaddleDesigns

A sweet lovie for your sweet little mouse. This silky soft security blanket, featuring a stylish Mickey Mouse print in taupe gray on pastel blue, has textures that your little one will love to explore. This lovie was crafted using 100% cotton flannel for the center panel with a silky satin border and back.

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Suggested Retail Price: 20.00

Product Info

For Little Ones:

6 mos+

What's Included:

  • Great gift can be used and enjoyed for years
  • SwaddleDesigns recommends keeping the Baby Lovie security blanket close to your skin for several hours to absorb your scent which will help your baby bond with the blanket
  • Made in USA

Bigger than a Breadbox?

14" x 14"

Material Things:

Satin and cotton flannel

Take Care:

Machine (wash warm, tumble dry warm)

Made By:

Rocket Fuel