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Inflatable Spout Cover featuring DISNEY PRINCESS

Protect your little princess’s hands, knees and crowned noggin in the bathtub with this decorative inflatable spout cover that’s sure to make bathtime a royal engagement. The cover inflates in seconds, easily slides over the bathtub spout/faucet and includes cutouts for the diverter as well as the flow of water.

Available at Amazon,Kohl's

Suggested Retail Price: 7.99

Product Info

For Little Ones:

Ages 3 years & up

What's Included:

1 pc.

Bigger than a Breadbox?

8.5 in. H x 5.5 in. W x 4.75 in. D

Material Things:


Take Care:

Hand wash with warm water.

Made By:

Ginsey Home Solutions
Rocket Fuel