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FINDING NEMO Undersea Adventure Gym from Fisher-Price®

Clown around at playtime with Nemo and his school of friends. The FINDING NEMO Undersea Adventure gym is filled with fun you won’t forget. Baby will be surrounded by five playful toys while lying on a comfy mat decked out like the ocean floor. The toys include a large Dory mirror, a Sheldon peg toy with clackers, a Pearl rattle, a Nemo with tethered bead ball, and a Tad teether. Additionally, two lights are placed vertically along the rear leg, where a simple kick from Baby onto the Squirt kick plate activates the lights along with a combination of cheerful tunes. The front two translucent blue arches provide a unique look and feel for this gym – creating the feeling of a magical underwater world for Baby.

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Suggested Retail Price: 59.99

Product Info

For Little Ones:


What's Included:

1 gym

Bigger than a Breadbox?

39" x 25" x 21"

Material Things:

Plastic & fabric

Take Care:

Machine wash

Made By:

Rocket Fuel