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Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ with Grown-An-Inch-Snaps™ 3-Pack Pointelle

The DISNEY CUDDLY BODYSUIT™ Pointelle, with Grow-An-Inch-Snaps™ and made with Disney Huggable Soft 100% Cotton™, is a perfectly sized bodysuit that will cuddle your baby like no other. It’s made from a very feminine, knit fabric with a delicate pattern of openings. It will hold its shape, with minimal shrinkage after repeated washings, and it’s even built with Snaps That Grow With Your Baby™ for longer wear. Welcome your little character with a cuddle.

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Suggested Retail Price: 9.99

Product Info

For Little Ones:

0-9 mos

What's Included:

3 bodysuits

Material Things:

100% cotton

Take Care:

Machine wash

Made By:

Rocket Fuel