Texture Art

Texture Art

By Patricia Zapata

Textures and paint go hand-in-hand. Many things in your home will work for this project, just make sure that they are safe for the little ones to handle and that you don’t mind getting some paint on them.

You’ll need:

  • Brushes, sponge, small piece of rubber drawer liner (any other items that would make an interesting texture)
  • Non-toxic paint in several colors
  • Paper plate
  • 4 sheets of watercolor paper or thick card stock
  • Frame (optional)


1. Gather your materials. Make sure that the items that you will be using to make textures with are not small enough to be a choking hazard. Pour small amounts of paint on to the paper plate.

2. Cut the 3 sheets of paper to the size that you’d like to use for framing and cover your working surface with a protective covering.

3. Start by dipping each of the texture making tools into the paint by pressing them randomly on the paper. If your child needs help, gently guide him or her through the process. Use all the textures on the fourth piece of paper with alternating of colors. Let everything completely dry before framing.

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