Cardboard Tube Art

Cardboard Tube Craft

By Patricia Zapata

Cardboard is readily available and can create interesting patterns when used in repetition. This project can be created in a few minutes on a sheet of paper or can be made on a larger scale on canvas. The whole family can join in the fun!

You’ll need:

    • Cardboard tube
    • 3 different colors of paint
    • Paper plate
    • 3 sheets of white card stock or watercolor paper (the later will warp less with a lot of paint coverage)


1. Cover your surface with a protective covering (could be something as simple as newspaper). Generously pour the three colors of paint in the center of the paper plate. Make sure that the colors are touching.
2. Help your child dip the cardboard tube in the center of the paint and start covering the paper with rows and columns of circles. This could be a perfect opportunity to count how many circles you’re painting together. If you’re not in the mood for rows and columns any other pattern or random composition will work too.
3. While the paint is still fresh, press a second sheet over the freshly painted one. Rub the sheets together with your child. Raise the sheet to discover that now you have two prints of the same composition.
4. If there is still enough wet paint, a second sheet can be pressed against the first one for a third copy. Make sure to rub the entire sheet evenly.
5. After all the sheets are dry they can be used in different ways. One can be framed, one can be cut down to a greeting card size (a perfect way to send a special message to grandparents) and the last one can be used for scrapbooking or gift wrapping.


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