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Introduce adventure at home or on-the-go with these plush activity toys! Hang them from a stroller or crib and watch your baby’s eyes light up!

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10 Baby Games Moms Love

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Toe Tap

Get toe tapping. Steady your baby on her back and sing a song while you tap her feet together to the beat. (0-2 mos)

The Great Climb

Ready, set, climb! Set a few pillows on the living room floor, leading up to a stool nestled against the couch. Help your baby crawl, cruise and climb his way up to the top of this mini obstacle course. His confidence and growing sense of adventure will be indulged at the same time. (12 mos & up)

Zoom, Zoom!

Using either a book or toys as props, go through all the sound effects of transportation vehicles. From planes to trains and automobiles, rev your way through each one, especially those you see most often in your neighborhood. (12 mos & up)

You Don’t Say!

Continue talking to your baby when he babbles. Give him time to expound on his subject and ask follow-up questions before you reply with “Oh, really?” or “How interesting!” (12 mos & up)

On Being Daddy's Girl


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Guess Who’s Back?

“Retire” a favorite toy and then bring it out a week later for a look of wonder. (6-8 mos)

Three Kisses

Play three kisses. Start by holding your baby out in front of you. Say “kisses!” and give her one on her cheek. Say “kisses!” again and peck the other cheek. Say “kisses!” a third time and let her open mouth put a big smooch on your cheek. So many cheek kisses, it’s all very European. (4-6 mos)

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