Light Up Baby’s Nursery With “It’s a Small World” Lighting Collection

Do you sleep with the light on at night? I like my room dark, but my children prefer some sort of light in the hallway or in their room. We bought a nightlight for them last year and haven’t looked back since. It also helps with middle of the night bathroom trips ;).

  • Moroccan Genie

    Moroccan Genie

    Make a wish! The magical Moroccan genie will make sure your dreams and wishes come true.

  • Parisian Street

    Parisian Street

    The streets of Paris are funny, fashionable and fabulous. This night light depicts just that and can be customized with your little one’s name.

  • Mexican Girl

    Mexican Girl

    Take a journey to Mexico with this colorful and globally-inspired nightlight.

  • Gold & Blue Morrocan Sun

    Gold & Blue Morrocan Sun

    “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun” The smiling Moroccan sun offers plenty of words of inspiration that are perfect for a child’s playroom or your baby’s nursery.

  • Kids Around The Word Lamp

    Kids Around The Word Lamp

    Take your kids all around the world with children from across the globe featured on this whimsical lamp.

  • Elephant Garden

    Elephant Garden

    Out of the entire collection, this is one of my favorites. The graphics are just perfect and the colors – fabulous! This Indian-inspired night light for girls features a sweet patterned elephant frolicking in the middle of a flower garden.

  • Frenchie


    Oh that face! Frenchie the adorable puppy from France welcomes you into his garden in this sweet nightlight from the Paris Girls collection.

  • Whale & Red Fish

    Whale & Red Fish

    Mr. Whale meets the red fish and crab during his journey across the ocean. A fun and whimsical choice that is gender neutral and perfect for any nursery.

  • French Boy

    French Boy

    Little French boys wear berets! Love the color scheme and overall cuteness of this blue, red and white night light inspired by the City of Lights!

  • Japanese Boy

    Japanese Boy

    Customize this Japanese night light by entering your name choice at check out.

  • French Girl

    French Girl

    Sacre bleu! Loving this Parisian-inspired night light depicting a French little girl and the Eiffel Tower.

  • English Boy

    English Boy

    British boys never looked so cute! Love this light featuring Big Ben

  • Japanese Girl

    Japanese Girl

    Japan is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. This light brings a little bit of the country’s culture into your child’s bedroom.

  • Russian Boy

    Russian Boy

    Russia looks lovely by the light. Love the stripes and patterns used on this light – very appealing to little ones!

  • Moroccan Nature

    Moroccan Nature

    Visit the jungle and say hi to a smiling lion with this Moroccan Nature themed light.

  • Kids Around The World Nightlight

    Kids Around The World Nightlight

    Take a trip around the world with the international children’s parade.

  • India Girl

    India Girl

    The Taj Majal in it’s glorious splendor is featured on this Indian inspired night light. The little girl is dressed in traditional Indian garb (sari) and holds her arms open in welcome.

  • English Girl

    English Girl

    Big Ben, the Union Jack and a little English girl standing on a globe, offer a real British twist to this girly light.

  • Mexican Boy

    Mexican Boy

    Ola! Say hello to the Mexican Boy in his sweet light for your little man.

  • Blue Facade

    Blue Facade

    The beautiful blue and green pattern on this lamp provides plenty of visual entertainment for little ones while offering a stylish punch to your baby’s room.

  • India Boy

    India Boy

    A replica of the India Girl light, this boy version features the same Taj Majal with a boy holding his arms stretched out in welcome.

  • Russian Girl

    Russian Girl

    The purple and beautiful patterns on on this light depict lovely Russia.

  • Moroccan Palace

    Moroccan Palace

    The beauty of Morocco is pictured on on this colorful light.

  • Jungle Scene

    Jungle Scene

    “Roar!” The lush green jungle beckons your little one to visit the land of imagination.

  • Pretty Paisley

    Pretty Paisley

    Paisley is my favorite! I adore this pattern so much, that I’m seriously considering purchasing this lamp for my office.

  • Captain Growly

    Captain Growly

    The pompous French sea captain floats near a lighthouse on this blue nightlight.

My son has become used to the subtle glow of the night and tends to fall asleep faster when there is one in the hall or close by. I’m thinking I might be purchasing one from the new Disney collaboration with Oopsy Daisy. Last month we featured the art from their new “It’s a Small World” collection features art from Mary Blair. In my original round-up I left out the lighting because there are just so many fabulous options I felt it deserved a post all it’s own.

Featuring children from around the world, this colorful collection consists of lamps and nightlights – some of which can be personalized with your child’s name. Thanks to the wide range of colors and patterns, you are sure to find something that goes with your current nursery decor. Every piece is quite neutral and adds a nice punch of color and ethnicity to your baby’s bedroom.

You can find more information and purchase each one of these pieces directly through Oopsy Daisy’s online shop.

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