Hearts & Roses ~ Valentine Themed Nursery Decor For Your Baby

Love. It’s what makes the world go ’round.

Hearts are on our mind these days. Big ones, little ones, pink, red, white and blue ones. As I was going through Valentine’s Day cards for my 1st grader, I thought, “This would be such a sweet theme for decorating a nursery!” Even if hearts aren’t the main theme of your baby’s room, they most certainly make a nice addition.

  • Heart Mat

    Heart Mat

    Mats are the one thing I’m always undecided on. They are either too long, too short, too thick, too thin, wrong color, wrong pattern – you get the idea. This one is perfect in my opinion. How adorable would a heart mat look in the middle of a nursery? Perfection I say!

    Where can you find it? dkcuddlemecrochet on Etsy.

  • Elephants & Hearts

    Elephants & Hearts

    Soft pink, grey and white are used on this cute baby mobile, making it ideal for any little girl’s room. Hearts, clouds and elephants are a soothing sight for baby’s eyes.

    Where can you find it? genae8design on Etsy.

  • Heart Pocket Cuddle Blanket

    Heart Pocket Cuddle Blanket

    Not only is this blanket so sweet to look at, its design is brilliant. The pink heart sewn upon the front is actually a pocket, so your child can put their hands inside to keep warm!

    Where can you find it? babycricket on Etsy.

  • How To Fix a Heart

    How To Fix a Heart

    “The Untidy Little Hedgehog” was one of my favorite books as a child and this watercolor art piece reminds me so much of the pictures in that book. The story behind this print, “One Thursday night, while taking his stroll through the woods after visiting his friend, Mr. Bear, the little hedgehog found a ragged heart, loaded it in his wheelbarrow and brought it home to mend. All the animals knew he had the most wonderful collection of needles, being the most talented quilter.”

    Where can you find it? ucuspucus on Etsy.

  • Red, White & Bubblegum

    Red, White & Bubblegum

    This felt ball garland is a sure way to add some Valentine’s Day festivity to your child’s room. Red, white and pink balls have been strung along to create a 6 foot long strand.

    Where can you find it? TheFickelFeltTree on Etsy.

  • I Heart You

    I Heart You

    I do. I really, really do! ;) Show how much with this stretch canvas art piece.

    Where can you find it? AvalisaDesign on Etsy.

  • Wall Decal

    Wall Decal

    I want this in my living room. No really, I do!

    Wall decals are a simple, mess-free way to add some pizzazz to any room. This particular one uses a material that is so thin it looks as though it has been painted on the wall. If for some reason you get tired of it, the decal can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

    Where can you find it? DecalSisters on Etsy.

  • Valentine Garland

    Valentine Garland

    I’m not a fan of paper and try to buy reusable products as often as possible – especially when it comes to decorations. This 10 foot heart garland is perfect for decorating your home or nursery and you can use it again and again!

    19 colorful felt balls hang from a 100% thin hemp rope that has been tied to a tree branch. A very unique and colorful look for your child’s room.

    Where can you find it? whiteblossomboutique on Etsy.

  • Rainbow Love

    Rainbow Love

    19 colorful felt balls hang from a 100% thin hemp rope that has been tied to a tree branch. A very unique and colorful look for your child’s room.

    Where can you find it? dagmarsdesigns on Etsy.

  • Flying Hearts

    Flying Hearts

    Simple yet oh so cute! An elephant and his little friend bunny hold matching heart balloons in this watercolor print.

    Where can you find it? OhHelloDear on Etsy.

  • Puffy Love

    Puffy Love

    Float a little love above your baby’s crib with this red and white heart felt mobile. You can even have it custom-made to match the color theme in your nursery. Just be sure to message the seller beforehand.

    Where can you find it? ArchieBee on Etsy.

  • Heart Light

    Heart Light

    Light switch covers are all the rage these days and can add a pop of color to any room decor. Add that and a bit of love with a bunch of hearts.

    Where can you find it? ModernSwitch on Etsy.

  • Heart Branch

    Heart Branch

    A sweet owl sits atop a branch with hearts as leaves on this nursery decal set. If you have a little boy, it can be made without the hair bow and a change of color Just be sure to specify your choice when you order.

    Where can you find it? AllOnTheWall on Etsy.

  • Colorful Crocheted Hearts

    Colorful Crocheted Hearts

    Crocheted hearts in every color of the rainbow. What’s not to love? This cute crochet mobile will add brightness and a whole lot of love to any nursery.

    Where can you find it? OneAndTwoOriginals on Etsy.

  • Eco-Friendly Heart Banner

    Eco-Friendly Heart Banner

    Each fuchsia, baby pink and white heart has been hand cut and hand stitched out of eco-friendly felt. and then strung on a white ribbon. Would love just darling in any child’s room!

    Where can you find it? LullabyMobiles on Etsy.

Garlands, prints, paintings and mobiles are all designed with love in mind. Here are 15 of my favorite ways to add even more love into your baby’s room, playroom or even living room!

Personally, I’m partial to the love mat ;-). What about you?

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