Handmade Hoop Art for Your Nursery

With the birth of our third baby also came a huge love in my heart for handmade hoop art. I am completely smitten. It is such a sweet, simple way to add something so special to your little one’s room. From a beautiful message all the way to a sweet picture, journey through this slideshow of various hoops!

  • handmade hoop art

    handmade hoop art

    A round up of beautiful hoop art that would be lovely in your little man or little gal’s room!

  • Dream Big.

    Dream Big.

    Dream big my sweet one. A message I am constantly saying to my little loves. I absolutely love this hoop art. It would be the perfect addition to your little one’s nursery. As a big dreamer and a free spirit myself this hoop art makes me especially happy.

  • the trio.

    the trio.

    The cutest trio: an elephant, a whale and some love! These three hoops would be so cute in a modern, little boy’s nursery. I completely adore the animals! These precious hoops can be found here.

  • butterflies.


    This sweet hoop is made from a mix of linen and vintage fabric. The tiny, detailed butterflies will put some magic in your little girl’s eyes. Plus the saying “love life”…what a precious message to leave with your little one.

  • two little birds.

    two little birds.

    I completely adore this folk art, hand stitched two little birds. They are just perfect sitting next to their little red nest. So sweet! This little handmade gift brings happiness and well wishes and can be found here!

  • sweet dreams baby

    sweet dreams baby

    Sweet dreams my little one. What a precious hoop to hang above your little one’s bed each night. As you rock your sweet baby or tuck them into deep slumber, you will love glancing at this sweet message night after night!

  • bliss


    These gorgeous and unique flowers would be a great addition to an artsy, modern nursery. Every little lady would be lucky to have a beautiful “blue & orange bliss” in their room. This beautiful pop of color can be found here!

  • fox


    If you saw this adorable fox Disney post then you were probably itching for more! A precious little fox hoop art would be such a sweet addition to a fox or animal themed nursery. This hoop even has fairytale pages mixed in with the fox!

  • wishbone


    This hoop features the artist’s “wishbone” stitch in shades of red, yellow, blue, pink, orange and chartreuse, all hand embroidered onto soft mint cotton fabric. “Wishbone stitch circles are little explorations in color, based on memories, and travels both near and far. They are abstractions, objects to provoke nostalgia, and the warm and fuzzies. They are sort of like poems; simple but meaningful.”

  • dream, love

    dream, love

    Dream! I hope my little ones grow up to dream big like their mama!! This hoop would be a perfect addition to your little dreamer’s room.

  • rose


    This custom Memory Hoop Art is made from clothing or fabrics that hold a place in your heart. Sad that your baby has outgrown their favorite outfit? Perfect solution! The roses and fabric on this pillow will preserve those memories in something that you can display in your home on a wall or even as an ornament on your Christmas tree. Because this memory hoop is custom made with your fabrics, it is always a one of a kind piece.

  • sunshine


    Our little ones are just that. The sunshine of our lives. What a perfect little message to hang in your little man or little gal’s room! You can find this beautiful, handmade piece here.

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