Handmade for Baby

Something that I love giving my kiddos is handmade dolls and toys. Not only are these toys and dolls made with such love but you get great service, a beautiful product and something that has been created with great time and detail. Handmade is generally more expensive but it can be worth it to give your little one a special gift that they love will love for years and years. Here are a few of my favorites, with prices high and low depending on your budget!

  • Handmade for baby.

    Handmade for baby.

    I adore these beautiful boho beauties!

    Pretty Little Things, Boho Beauty $125

  • A Snuggle Monster

    A Snuggle Monster

    How adorable is this little monster pal?

    Monster $40, Aubrey Plays

  • Spotted Lacy Deer

    Spotted Lacy Deer

    This sweet Spotted Lacy Deer is the perfect little toy for your baby. My little one has this toy and it’s an absolute favorite!

    Spotted Lacy Deer, $45 Wonder Forest

  • Baby Owl

    Baby Owl

    These adorable owls come in all different sizes and different fabrics!

    Plush Owl, $18 I Sew Lucky

  • Boho Rag Doll

    Boho Rag Doll

    I adore this beautiful boho rag doll. Such a sweet dollie for the little girl in your life.

    Boho Rag Doll, $59 I Sew Lucky

  • Patchwork Wonder Turtle

    Patchwork Wonder Turtle

    This little turtle is so sweet. I adore the patchwork details and his sweet little eyes!

    Wonder Forest, Patchwork Wonder Turtle $35

  • Skunkboy Creatures

    Skunkboy Creatures

    The beauty and the details in the Skunkboy Creatures is absolutely beautiful. This elephant takes my breath away!

    Skunkboy Creatures, Elephant $270

  • Baby Bee

    Baby Bee

    A sweet baby Bee for your little bee!

    Aubrey Plays, Baby Bee $40

  • A Custom Doll for you!

    A Custom Doll for you!

    The Rice Babies Shop will create a custom handmade doll just for you!

    The Rice Babies, a custom handmade doll $38

  • Fox Boy

    Fox Boy

    This Fox Boy toy is a delightful little creature. He is one of four!

    Abigail Brown, Fox Boy $155

  • Fox Pattern

    Fox Pattern

    This is an adorable easy to make fox! Want to try and create your own doll? This is a great way to start!

    Gingermelon, Fox Pattern $5

  •  Bellini MerMae

    Bellini MerMae

    Meet Bellini MerMae! A beautiful mermaid with long purple locks!

    Whimsy Dolls, Bellini MerMae $49

  • Charlie the monkey

    Charlie the monkey

    This adorable little monkey would be the perfect addition to your little one’s nursery.

    Whimsy Dolls, Charlie the monkey $35

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