10 Wall Art Ideas for a Gender Neutral Nursery

We’ve rounded up some amazing wall art for a little girl’s nursery and a little boy’s nursery, but what if you don’t know the gender (and won’t be finding out)? We have a roundup for you too!

With my most recent baby, we decided to not find out the gender for the first time in 5 children. It was driving me a bit crazy not being able to prepare for the baby (via shopping, of course!), so I started gathering some gender neutral items that weren’t just the old light green and canary yellow colored standbys.

Here are my favorite wall art ideas for a gender neutral nursery!

  • United States Roots Print

    United States Roots Print

    This adorable idea make my heart swoon. Customize by choosing the whole U.S. or even one state, use the included heart stickers to place where the family roots came from. Find here

  • Be Kind To Others Print

    Be Kind To Others Print

    Plenty of color can find a home in any baby’s room, and this print that speaks of love and family adds a beautiful spirit to the nursery. Find here

  • On A Wire

    On A Wire

    I love the midcentury modern feel of this bird print, and the warm colors work great for boy or girl. Find here

  • 101 Dalmatians Wall Decals

    101 Dalmatians Wall Decals

    I love black & white for a neutral nursery, and the added pop of red in these 101 Dalatian decals makes for an adorable look. Find here

  • Flag Bunting

    Flag Bunting

    Pennant buntings are so fun in a baby’s room! Find a colorful one like this one to keep it gender neutral. Find here

  • Elephant and Balloon Print

    Elephant and Balloon Print

    Something about elephants makes them effortlessly find a home in a gender neutral room. The whimsy in this print is perfect for any little sweetheart. Find here

  • Vintage Wall Decor

    Vintage Wall Decor

    How about adding some vintage pieces to the nursery walls? Here is a great example of art that would work in a gender neutral room. Find here

  • Forest-themed Wall Decals

    Forest-themed Wall Decals

    Wall decals are easy and perfect if you are renting or want something less permanent. This forest mural is fun and has beautiful basic colors! Find here

  • Elephant Light Switch Plate Cover

    Elephant Light Switch Plate Cover

    You know how I’m a fan of elephants and black and white in a baby’s room, so naturally this art for the light switch is a perfect addition to any neutral nursery. Find here

  • Hedgehog Print

    Hedgehog Print

    I think tiny hedgehogs are perfect for a tiny baby’s room. Bonus: this print is eco-friendly! Find here

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