A Shared Nursery: Girls

My third baby was born three weeks ago and I just now decided to change up the kid’s sleeping arrangements. Originally we thought that our oldest (Aiden, 3 yrs) and middle child (Ainsleigh, almost 2) would share a room for a year or two until our new baby girl grew up a bit. A few nights ago I changed my mind!!

  • Our Shared Nursery

    Our Shared Nursery

    Ainsleigh, our middle child is an amazing sleeper. She has slept in her own crib, in her room since about 7 weeks old. It’s funny because Aiden my oldest still does not always sleep through the night…so when I would hear stories of babies who slept through the night early on, I thought they were making it up. I couldn’t fathom a good sleeper. In my mind they weren’t real, babies like that were just stories!

  • Moving them in Together

    Moving them in Together

    Then I had Ainsleigh. She slept through the night at 7 weeks old and never looked back. I can remember smiling at the irony as our newborn slept and we were up with our toddler. A few nights ago I decided to combine the nursery and Ainsleigh’s room into a shared girl’s room and let Aiden have his own space. I am hoping that Ainsleigh’s good sleeping habits will be in our favor as sweet little Apple transitions into her crib eventually.

  • Adaptable


    I have heard that usually the subsequent children are the most adaptable. I hear that they sleep through the noise better than the first born. I guess in the next 6 months I can let you know if this proves to be true! The beginning is always an adjustment but in the long run I think it will be the best plan!

  • Late Night Giggles

    Late Night Giggles

    Plus, I think it will be so sweet for the sisters to have a room together… I can just imagine them playing dress up, giggling late at night and playing with their dolls. I can’t wait to watch their relationship begin to really form!

  • Advice?


    Do you have experience with a shared room? I would love your advice!

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