10 Lighting Ideas for a Girl’s Nursery

When it comes to decorating the nursery, one important decision is lighting!

Will you have task lighting, dim lighting, bright lighting? What will you use for the middle of the night feedings or to keep baby feeling unafraid of the dark?

Planning lighting for a girl’s nursery can be fun but overwhelming – so many options! Check out these 10 lighting ideas for a girl’s nursery!

  • Keep Calm and Go To Sleep

    Keep Calm and Go To Sleep

    There’s something about dim lighting in a nursery that really soothes baby (and mama). Love this cheeky version of the “Keep Calm” trend, perfect for a little sweetie’s room.Find here.

  • Princess Lamp

    Princess Lamp

    This one is hard to resist – a lamp for your little princess! Find here

  • Vintage Lamp

    Vintage Lamp

    Vintage lamps are a fun touch to a vintage inspired nursery – look for those in good condition like this pink and blue deer. Find here

  • Minnie Mouse Night Light

    Minnie Mouse Night Light

    What little girl’s nursery is complete without Minnie Mouse? This adorable nightlight brings smiles into the baby’s room when you really need them in the middle of the night. Find here

  • Butterfly Box Light

    Butterfly Box Light

    Another option in the “gentle lighting” family is this adorable butterfly box light. Keep it near the changing table for quiet and dim night time changes. Find here

  • Winnie the Pooh Night Light

    Winnie the Pooh Night Light

    Nightlights are essential in nurseries for middle of the night feedings. This sweet girl-themed Winnie the Pooh nightlight is just perfect for sleepy night mama tasks. Find here

  • Cinderella's Castle Lamp

    Cinderella's Castle Lamp

    Every princess needs her castle, right? This lovely lamp is great for your Cinderella themed nursery! Find here

  • Colorful Chandelier

    Colorful Chandelier

    Speaking of chandeliers, how fancy and lovely is this custom piece? Beautiful, full of whimsy and great for a fancy little lady. Find here

  • Chandelier Decal

    Chandelier Decal

    In the theme of “lighting” I couldn’t resist this sweet girlie (and not too fluffy) chandelier decal. So fun! Find here

  • Custom Lamp Shade

    Custom Lamp Shade

    Sometimes you can take just a simple lamp and add flair with a special lamp shade. This orange and pink option is super sweet. Find here.

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