10 Lighting Ideas for a Gender Neutral Nursery

We covered boys lighting and girls lighting, now we have lighting choices for those of you looking to decorate your room before you know if your little one is a girl or a boy. Lighting sets the mood, keeps baby calm or wakes her up, brings personal details into the room and much more. Have you thought about these details yet?

Check out these fun nursery ideas below:

  • Love You Night Light

    Love You Night Light

    Your little sweetie will be hearing “I love you” a lot, but is it ever enough? Add more love and quiet lighting with this sweet night light. Find here

  • Chevron Lamp Shade

    Chevron Lamp Shade

    Chevron patterns are awesome for boys and girls don’t you think? Grab a basic lamp and spruce it up with a fun shade like this one. Find here

  • Vintage Lamb Lamp

    Vintage Lamb Lamp

    Vintage lamps give a room personality and a little touch of something that no other nursery will have. Look for adorable gender neutral options like lambs to have something that can stay with baby as he/she grows. Find here

  • My Friend Pooh Lamp and Shade

    My Friend Pooh Lamp and Shade

    Winnie the Pooh is timeless and loved by all babies. This sweet lamp and shade can make a home in your softer, quiet (for now) nursery. Find here

  • Mid-Century Modern Owl Lantern

    Mid-Century Modern Owl Lantern

    Add a little retro feel with this neutral owl, throw a battery powered “tea light” underneath and you have some special lighting in your nursery that is unique and soothing. Find here

  • Gray Elephant Light Switch Cover

    Gray Elephant Light Switch Cover

    Elephants are not partial to boys or girls because their gentleness speaks to one and all. Make your baby’s nursery fun in the details with this modern-style light switch cover. Find here

  • Hedgehog Night Light

    Hedgehog Night Light

    Hedgehogs are tiny and so adorable — which makes them perfect for a tiny and adorable baby! Night lights are needed all around the house for night time activities (feedings! changings!) and this one is cute for boy or girl. Find here

  • Little Chicks Light Switch Cover

    Little Chicks Light Switch Cover

    Bright and bold colors, birdies of every kind, babies will not be able to resist this sweet touch in their nurseries! You may even hear baby’s first word be “birdie!” Find here

  • Vintage Ceramic Light

    Vintage Ceramic Light

    This is another adorable vintage find – not only does it represent the perfect “neutral elephant” category, it’s also great for dim evening lighting while baby is winding down. Find here

  • Deer Light Switch Decal

    Deer Light Switch Decal

    This isn’t exactly lighting but it’s in the general area, right? I couldn’t help but include this fun decal – how awesome to be able to add decorative details that aren’t permanent! Find here

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