10 Lighting Ideas for a Boy’s Nursery

I have been talking about lighting options for your baby’s nursery – the atmosphere in the little sweetie’s room is very important to me. I’m all about the soft lighting, task lighting, night lighting! Don’t miss our roundup of 10 lighting ideas for a baby girl’s nursery, and check out this collection of 10 ideas for a baby boy’s nursery, too!

  • Wood Rocket Plate Cover

    Wood Rocket Plate Cover

    An organic twist on the classic rocket or spaceman theme – love this handmade light switch plate cover! Find here

  • Mickey Mouse Night Light

    Mickey Mouse Night Light

    We have all smiles including this night light in the nursery vibe. Find here

  • Egg Chandelier

    Egg Chandelier

    This is a cool mobile and lighting combo that can help baby have something soothing to look at as he falls asleep. Find here

  • Upcycled Camera Lamp

    Upcycled Camera Lamp

    Future photog-babies or just any quirky nursery would be happy with this fun upcycled lamp. Find here

  • Pooh and Friends Night Light

    Pooh and Friends Night Light

    Littles love Pooh and all his silly antics – reading Pooh stories to this light in the wee hours sounds perfect to me. Find here

  • Vintage Peter Pan Plate Cover

    Vintage Peter Pan Plate Cover

    Perfect for that Peter Pan room – this vintage find is one of many! Love a fab light switch plate cover. Find here

  • Mixedtape Night Light

    Mixedtape Night Light

    Mixtapes are my growing up anthem – I know the little music buff at my house would go crazy having a nice blue light like this on while he sleeps! Find here

  • Mid-century Accordian Wall Lamp

    Mid-century Accordian Wall Lamp

    For the more industrial vibe, your modern nursery can feature this unique lighting for reading or diaper changing. Find here

  • Wood Box Feather Night Light

    Wood Box Feather Night Light

    Do you have a little nature lover in your midst? This is another quiet light for the perfect atmosphere in the nursery. Find here

  • Mustache Light Switch Plate Cover

    Mustache Light Switch Plate Cover

    No little boy’s nursery is complete without at least one mustachio, right? Find here

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