Traveling With A Baby: The One Thing I’ll Never Leave Home Without

In just a few short days, my family and I will be leaving on a surprise work trip/vacation. The kids have no idea and I’m just tingling with excitement as the destination is ahem…magical. Not only is it magical, it’s warm so I’ll be packing our swimsuits, shorts, sandals, hats and an entire pack of….

Swim diapers!

My son is 19 months now and not quite ready to potty train. He loves the water and as we will be spending quite a bit of time in the pool, a swim diaper is a must. Huggies Little Swimmers have been my go-to swim diaper of choice for all 3 of my children. While shopping last week, I picked up a pack I love how they fit so well and don’t swell up with water and are designed specifically for water play. Wet suits, pants and diapers tend to stick to your baby’s skin, so it’s always hard to remove them. The sides on the Little Swimmers tear away making for quick and easy diaper changes on the fly. I just love them!

Deal Alert: Whether you have a family vacation coming up or are preparing for fun summer days, swim diapers should be on your must-have list. If you have a Sam’s Club in close proximity to you, they have a fun limited time offer going on right now. When you purchase select club packs of Huggies Little Swimmers you will receive a free Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD!

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