Travel-Friendly Toys That Fit In a Diaper Bag

Traveling with a baby requires prep and a few necessities to keep them fed, busy and happy. Last year my son went on over a dozen different trips ranging from air to land. As he grew I tweaked my packing list to accommodate the appropriate gear, snacks and toys for his age.

  • Finding Nemo Squirt's Musical Teether

    Finding Nemo Squirt's Musical Teether

    An entertaining teether is always a fun toy to have while on-the-go. The colorful Squirt has legs that are made of teethable material with various textures to keep your baby interested. The button on top of his shell can be pressed to activate tunes and sound effects.

  • Minnie Mirror

    Minnie Mirror

    Every lady needs a mirror and a compact for her travels to powder her little nose. This Minnie Gigglin’ Compact from Fisher-Price offers a whole lot of laughs. As soon as your baby presses the puff, Minnie Mouse giggles. The loop on the top make it easy for hooking on to strollers, diaper bags and car seats.

  • Thumper


    Stuffed animals are always a favorite, but they tend to take up quite a bit of space. This Thumper stuffed toy is a compact 6″ making it a great choice for travel as it will easily fit into most diaper bags.

  • Minnie Mouse Soft Purse

    Minnie Mouse Soft Purse

    My girls love to mimic their mama and have done so ever since they were giggly babies. A soft Minnie Mouse purse is a great way to keep your baby entertained and the click-clack of the beads add even more fun.

  • Mickey Mouse Soft Book

    Mickey Mouse Soft Book

    Soft books are a baby’s best friend and I think this one is just genius. Why? First off the corners are teethers, so baby can chew to his/her heart’s content without you worrying about safety. There is a crinkle texture in the book that keeps them entertained and the clip allows you to attach this to your stroller or car seat!

  • Jewels & Diamonds

    Jewels & Diamonds

    This glittery chewable teether is ideal for little princesses and is topped with a tiara. Every little lady needs her jewels. ;).

  • Simba's Tale Soft Book

    Simba's Tale Soft Book

    A mirror moon, Zazu teether and attached link to hook on to just about anything, are just three things that make this soft book a worthy travel companion. The book consists of six pages that offer fun scenes from the movie as well as entertaining activities like peek-a-boo.

  • Minnie Mouse Rattle

    Minnie Mouse Rattle

    Shake, Rattle and play! This Minnie Mouse Rattle is as pretty as punch and has an easy-to-grasp handle.

  • Books


    There is no question that books are a must-have while traveling. I love how this Play, Baby book has a rattle handle on it, making it more of a two-in-one toy/book.

  • Classic Pooh Memory Block

    Classic Pooh Memory Block

    Blocks are a classic toy that never get old. Each side of this soft block has something to entertain your little one. There is even a slot for you to slip a family photo into!

  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time

    Once upon a time there was a castle. A castle so small and so soft that you could carry it everywhere with you. The thing about this castle? It is no fairytale.

  • Clicker Pals

    Clicker Pals

    Disney Baby recently came out with these super cute Clicker Pals. My son was lucky enough to receive two for Christmas and he just adores clicking, turning and repositioning his new friends.

  • Keys To Her Castle

    Keys To Her Castle

    Every princess needs a set of keys to her castle, right? These chewable ones look oh so adorable and are great for little teething princesses.

  • Peek-A-Boo Book

    Peek-A-Boo Book

    Where’s Pooh? Your baby can actually play peek-a-boo with Pooh thanks to the tiny magnets in his paws. Lift-the-flaps add additional interactive fun to reading time!

When it comes to travel-friendly toys I like to stick to ones that don’t take up too much room, are light and aren’t too…fragile. Let’s just say my son enjoys testing a toy’s durability. I don’t know if he just likes throwing things or if he’s trying to see if they bounce. Surely he’s not the only one. Right?!

Each one of these toys are lightweight, easy to clean and great for travel. Bon Voyage!

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