The Futility of Taking Toddler Photos…and Why You Should Take Them Anyway

I have to admit…I don’t take nearly as many photos of Fern now that she’s a toddler as I did when she was a tinier baby. Every photo seems to turn out blurry, or there’s distracting objects in the background, or she’s just plain annoyed at me for shoving a camera in her face. Toddlers definitely have a mind of their own, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking photos of them! A couple of weeks ago, we got some fun little Best Friends shirts from Mamacase Prints for Fern and her baby bestie Poppy and decided that despite the seeming futility of snapping toddler photos, we’d take our best shot at it anyway. Here’s why… (+ details about a little giveaway I’m hosting for these T’s at the end of the post!)

  • The Futility of Taking Toddler Photos...and Why You Should Take Them Anyway

    The Futility of Taking Toddler Photos…and Why You Should Take Them Anyway

    Toddlers are constantly moving and usually covered in some sort of mess or another, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking photos!

  • Funny expressions

    Funny expressions

    Sometimes the shots with the awkward/grumpy facial expressions are my favorite. At least they’re good for a laugh.

  • Comic relief

    Comic relief

    When I look at this photo, not only do I see sweet and unperfectly posed toddlers, I see my two friends and I carefully trying to balance these babes on a bench while keeping our arms out of the shots and failing miserably/laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of it all. Those are moments I want to remember.

  • Learning


    I love when I capture a moment of little one’s learning and interacting. Fun documentation of one of the biggest parts of toddlerhood.

  • The blur factor

    The blur factor

    Most of my photos these days are blurry shots of a little who never stops moving, but I can appreciate it, because it is a true depiction of what life is like right now.

  • Sometimes you'll catch them in the moment

    Sometimes you’ll catch them in the moment

    The best photos sometimes arise in the midst of all the blurry, grumpy shots when your little one forgets you’re snapping photos.

  • Side-by-side


    Catch the moments of parallel play. I love seeing how kids this age don’t really grasp the concept of playing together just yet, but rather play side-by-side.

  • At rest

    At rest

    Sometimes after all that moving, toddlers will stop to take a quick rest and it is then that you might catch a snap of them in the loveliest light.

  • Catch all angles

    Catch all angles

    Sometimes having a toddler on-the-move means getting creative with your angles and it leaves you with interesting shots that you might not otherwise have thought to take.

  • Sometimes you end up with this

    Sometimes you end up with this

    Even though you have a stray arm in the photo, and the littles aren’t looking at the camera, sometimes you end up with a photo that is filled with beautiful light and a true moment of interaction that is totally priceless like this one. I love this photo of Fern and her baby bestie Poppy and I can’t wait to show it to them both when they are grown-up girls.

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