my third baby will sleep anywhere.

From the moment my third baby came home, she has been absolutely amazing and easy-going. She has made the transition to a family of five incredibly ideal. I remember with my first, Aiden, he needed to be swaddled, sang to, rocked and fed to go to sleep at all times. Looking back it might have been actually more me than him. I was worried and stressed and always second guessing myself as a new mama. I think that rubbed off on him.

But now, with number three, I am more relaxed and in turn it has made baby number three, Apple, incredibly relaxed. This sweet child will fall asleep anywhere. She rolls with the flow and accepts the chaos happily. She’s a total sweetheart.

  • she will sleep anywhere

    she will sleep anywhere

  • un-swaddled


    Even though I prefer the swaddle personally and all of my babies adore it…this has been my first one who will crash completely un-swaddled!

  • on the go

    on the go

    This little sweetheart is on the go a lot and happily naps and sleeps wherever we are. No set nap schedule for this princess! She is happy to snooze on the go!

  • mid-playtime


    Sometimes I will put her on the floor with her toys and start reading her a book for some playtime and she will fall right to sleep! She doesn’t mind grabbing a nap here and there throughout the day!

  • outside naps

    outside naps

    Whether it be poolside, backyard or stroller…Apple has no problem crashing wherever we are!


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