Moving to a New House with Little Ones in Tow

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted. We moved to a farm this past weekend. It was the first time we have ever moved with kids. I am here to tell you that it is no joke. Moving with babies is a completely different ballgame – everything from the “stuff” you have to move to juggling your kids on the actual moving day. We took just one day to move out of our old house and move out to the country. With the help of our family and friends, we somehow got it all done, both girls tagging along too. Here’s how we did it…

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    Take the stress out of moving with these great tips!

  • DO: Talk About It

    DO: Talk About It

    When you are expecting a move, make sure to talk about it with your little one. Get them excited about a new house or a new bedroom. The more you can prepare them for the transition, the better.

  • DON'T: Pack Up Baby's Favorite Things

    DON’T: Pack Up Baby’s Favorite Things

    Instead, keep a small box or bag of their favorite books and toys. On moving day, it will be your go-to toolbox to keep them happy and content when everything else is heading out the door and onto a moving truck.

  • DON'T: Pack Up Baby's Room Until Last

    DON’T: Pack Up Baby’s Room Until Last

    If you can, try to save packing up your little one’s room until the end. The more normal their room is, the easier it’ll be on them toward the last few days in your old home.

  • DO: Get Help For Moving Day

    DO: Get Help For Moving Day

    Moving day can be crazy, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Make sure you have someone you can pass your baby off to if need be. I’m SO thankful for my sister in-law who helped both with moving and taking care of my girls.

  • DON'T: Forget That Baby Needs You

    DON’T: Forget That Baby Needs You

    Yes, even on moving day. Take a minute to stop and do something “normal” with your little one on this hectic day. Read a book, sing their favorite song, have a 2-minute tickle fest – anything that will give them some attention.

  • DO: Keep Track of Baby Essentials

    DO: Keep Track of Baby Essentials

    One of the worst parts about moving is trying to find everything once you’re in your new home. To avoid a mini-tragedy, make sure to keep track of essentials for your babe. The crib? The lovey? The pacifier? The diapers? Make sure you know where these things are so you can get to them ASAP.

  • DO: Unpack Baby's Room First

    DO: Unpack Baby’s Room First

    The faster you can make your little one’s room seem like home, the better the transition will be.

  • DO: Expect Some Time to Adjust

    DO: Expect Some Time to Adjust

    Big changes can be hard on little ones. When you are moving to a new house, it’s completely normal for babies to have a hard time. Waking up in the night, being overly emotional, and becoming easily frustrated are common behaviors of little ones.

Am I forgetting anything? What made your move with little ones successful?

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