Heading to the Beach? Baby Must-Haves & Necessities for the Sun & Sand

My family and I are fortunate to live within walking distance from two beaches here in town, so we’ve been spending many days at the beach. Although my girls are used to the outings, the whole water and sand experience is new to my son who is still completely entranced with the whole feel and texture of the sand running through his fingers. He loves it so much that he has decided it would be a good snack choice. Regardless of how many times I stop him, he insists upon shoving handfuls of the gritty stuff in his mouth. This has proved to be excellent for humorous photo opps, but not so great for mom and baby!

Since my girls love to play with beach toys and with all of the gear and towels we require for our outing, it has been important for me to prepare and pack everything up before we leave. There is nothing worse then walking all the way to the beach before realizing that you forgot something.

Here are my baby beach must-haves!

  • Beach Bag

    Beach Bag

    A large tote/beach bag is your best friend. I didn’t realize this until after I had kids as post-child, I required very little when I was heading to the beach. LeSportsac, one of my favorite bag companies recently partnered with Disney for the adorable “It’s a Small World” collection of handbags and accessories featuring designs inspired by Mary Blair. The totes come in two different styles and are bright and colorful – perfect for summer.

  • Swim Diapers

    Swim Diapers

    If you are planning on taking your baby in the water, these are a MUST – no explanation necessary ;). Huggies have been our go-to brand of swim diapers for all three babies and we haven’t had any issues with leaks.

    Whether your baby is swimming at the beach or participating in Mommy & Me swimming lessons at your local pool, swim diapers definitely provide peace of mind to say the least!

  • Sunscreen


    If your baby is over 6 months, you can pretty much use any of the baby sunscreens on the market, but it is quite the challenge to find a formula safe for babies under 6 months. One of my favorite sunscreen brands for kids is safely formulated for infants and kids of all ages. MD Moms Sunscreen Wipes are perfect for travel and can be slipped in your handbag without any additional bulk. One wipe is enough to cover your baby from head to toe and then some!

  • Swimsuits & Rash Guards

    Swimsuits & Rash Guards

    There are many adorable bathing suits out there and although my son has been sporting a pretty adorable pair of swim trunks, we started dressing him in a rash guard in addition to the suit.

    Not only does the SPF 50+ fabric provide great UV protection, it is also lightweight and quick-drying, providing cool comfort to your little one.

  • Water Shoes

    Water Shoes

    Is your baby on the verge of walking? Swim Shoes are a good idea for little ones who will be testing out their moves on the sand floor. Although my son isn’t quite walking, we have been leading him along the sand and through the water. Sandy beaches are great for this, but the rockier ones aren’t so safe, which is why these water shoes are my next pick.

  • Snacks & Water

    Snacks & Water

    Bananas and sliced apples are our choice of snack for the beach. They are easy on the tummy, light and great when your kids are on-the-go. They are also quite baby friendly! ;)

    I don’t like to bring juice to the beach as it tends to attract bugs and can get sticky if your kids are prone to spilling. I like to bring a thermos of water for the kids and for my son, a sippy cup with a lid is best.

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