First Look: LeSportsac’s Exclusive New Disney Baby Diaper Bag Design

LeSportsac is infamous for their quality bags that just happen to be ideal for traveling. During my numerous trips to various airports with my son last year, I spotted these durable bags in so many airport shops. The company has been manufacturing chic bags since 1974 and have quickly become a favourite go-to choice for those looking for style and functionality. Last year they debuted their It’s a Small World bag collection which was oh so adorable and now for 2013, they’ve introduced a brand new diaper bag as part of the Love Mickey bag collection.

It doesn’t matter how cute a bag is or how stylish it may be, the size is always the deciding factor for me. As a parent who totes everything but the kitchen sink during outings, a large bag is a must. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ryan Baby Bag measures a generous 12” H x 17” W (incl. side pockets) x 7” D and comes with a large changing mat. Also, can we talk about the print for a sec? Vintage Mickey is my favourite and if you look closely you’ll notice they’ve used Mickey and Minnie from yesteryear instead of the more current version. Love!

Click through for more details on this bag exclusive to Disney Stores!

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