best Spring Break spots with baby.

Traveling with a baby is a lot different than the pre-baby days. This time us parents have to think about nap schedules, places to feed the baby, refrigerators for stored milk and baby food, plugs for breast pumps or formula storage and quiet spots for the pack n play.

After having three little ones, I have compiled a list of my favorite spots to take a baby. Some simple & some more extravagant. Enjoy!

  • Whiterock Lake

    Whiterock Lake

    A fun afternoon at Whiterock lake is perfect for a baby. You can walk the lake with baby in the wagon or stroller or you can have a nice picnic by the water. A perfect, relaxing afternoon!

  • Shady Oaks Farm

    Shady Oaks Farm

    This is such a fun way to spend the day with baby! Picking strawberries & blueberries with your little one in tow. Plus, perfect place for a photo opp!

  • Disney World

    Disney World

    Is there any place more magical than Disney World? Absolutely not! This is a trip that you will never forget. The way your baby will light up when they meet Minnie Mouse, you will cherish for a lifetime!

  • Sea World

    Sea World

    Sea World is an amazing place to take baby and completely family friendly! Your little one will be screaming with joy over all those fishies and whales!

  • Country Inn New Orleans

    Country Inn New Orleans

    We took a 5 month old Aiden to New Orleans and were blown away how fun it was with a baby! We walked all around with baby in tow, enjoyed beignets at Cafe Du Monde and all of the beautiful art! It was so fun! There are so many wonderful things for your baby to look at!

  • Hill Country Hyatt

    Hill Country Hyatt

    I grew up going to the Hill Country Hyatt in south Texas and had an absolute blast bringing my own babies back there! There is a relaxing lazy river that we floated with baby Aiden drinking a bottle for hours. It is nice and shaded and perfect for little ones!

  • Destin, Florida

    Destin, Florida

    We took a road trip to Destin, Florida and it will forever be a favorite spot of mine with baby. Those white sandy beaches are beyond amazing. We set up an umbrella, had a cooler for milk and a tiny fan for baby! So fun!

  • Seaside


    Seaside is one of those places made for families and baby. Almost everywhere you go is designed for a little one and your family! And it is absolutely beautiful!

  • Beaver Creek, Colorado

    Beaver Creek, Colorado

    Beaver Creek, Colorado is perfect for families. Not wanting to head to a beach this year? Hit the mountains! Beaver Creek has plenty to do for mama & baby while the others hit the slopes.

  • the arboretum

    the arboretum

    Your local arboretum is such a sweet afternoon date with baby. Our typical arboretum date includes playing in the fountains, a picnic and photos in the flowers!

  • The Grand Wailea, Maui

    The Grand Wailea, Maui

    If you are willing to brave the long plane ride to Maui, the Grand Wailea takes the cake. It is the absolute perfect getaway for baby & mom!

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