8 Family & Baby Pictures You Need To Take This Fall

Fall is officially here (at least in Canada anyways), and we’re hunkering down at home with crafty activities, train tracks, trips to the library, and lots of baking. This weekend we’re going apple picking and the following weekend? We’re going to our local pumpkin farm.

I know. It’s like I have it all figured out or something. It’s just that I’m the nerdly kind of mom who really enjoys taking her little ones on seasonal outings like this. (Most mamas are, truth be told). The bright colours of fall and often gorgeous if not brisk weather call for all kinds of photo opps.

Adorable cozy hats, cute photo props, and backdrops provided by Mother Nature; it’s all too easy and you would be remiss to pass up some of these opportunities. (Your older self, you know once the kids are grown up and gone…will thank me and they also make for great gifts!).

8 Family & Baby Pictures You Need To Take This Fall…. 

  • Work It

    Work It

    Use that pumpkin farm for all it’s worth. Most have many fun backdrop options to choose from. Bring your tripod, set the timer and have fun! You will note that this is not a perfectly posed shot. I actually love the candid nature of it, complete with blinding sun and fatherly antics made in an attempt to get our toddler to smile.

  • Leaf Pile

    Leaf Pile

    Raincoat. Adorable pom pom hat. Double check. Pluck your babe in a big pile of colourful leaves? YES. They may be confused at first, (like mine) – but once they realize all the fun to be had in rolling about in a mess of leaves…well, either way, you’re going to get some cute shots.

  • Outdoor Play & Warm Knits

    Outdoor Play & Warm Knits

    Sometimes, the Dad just throws together a mess of layers that actually work. It especially helps if they are so layered up, that when you stick them in a swing, everything gets squished up and they bless you with a funny face just as you take a picture. More knitted hats required.

  • Mommy & Me

    Mommy & Me

    Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with your kids. We are so often the ones snapping away that we forget ourselves. You want more pictures of yourself with your babies. Trust me. Also, fall is the perfect time to layer funky knits and patterns together. Work that angle like nobody’s business.

  • The Obligatory Pumpkin Wagon Ride

    The Obligatory Pumpkin Wagon Ride

    Whether you take a shot of them in the cart or on the big tractor drawn wagon, do it up. Years of adoration over such pictures will follow. (Yours, your families, your friends, complete strangers…you get the point).

  • Find a Witches Cauldron

    Find a Witches Cauldron

    So maybe you won’t be able to make this happen, but if by some chance your pumpkin farm has something awesome like this set-up then go for it. They might hate you for it later, but that’s to be expected no matter what you do, really.

  • Let Them Roam Free In The Patch

    Let Them Roam Free In The Patch

    First time discovery is such a wonderful time for a baby and for their spectators (that would be you, you know you eat up every little milestone like a fiend, right?) A baby plunked down (or straddling them, whatever) in a field of pumpkins is probably on one of those lists of top 10 pictures to take of your baby, ever. Not just mine, but those other ones, on the internet. You know.

  • Posers


    Find some random stranger if you forgot (or don’t have), your tripod and politely ask them to take a picture. They won’t say no. They know they have no choice or if they say no they’re a big jerk. Pick someone who looks like they would take a decent picture. You can tell these things. Really. Sit down on some pumpkins and/or hay stacks, cuddle-up and smile.

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