Traditional Hanukkah Eats & Treats ~ Delicious Goodies for the Holidays

We’ve covered gifts for Baby’s First Hanukkah and now I’m going to dive into the subject of food. Oh boy, the food!

Traditional Hanukkah treats include foods deep fried or cooked in oil. Latkes served with apple sauce and sour cream, doughnuts and ‘coin’ foods such as carrots, cheese coins or choclate dipped apricots (representing gelt) are also quite popular. Cheesy foods are another customary food as they honor the bravery of Judith, a female Judea hero.

  • Dizzy Dreidel Cookies

    Dizzy Dreidel Cookies

    How brilliant are these? Playing on the traditional dreidel game, these super fun SPIN-Wheel cookies are eye-catching and oh so yummy.

    Find out how to make these easy treats over on

  • Mini Latkes

    Mini Latkes

    These itty bitty latkes are just perfect for tiny fingers and little hands (just make sure they are nice and cool before serving). They also make great little appetizers for upcoming holiday parties!

    You can find the recipe on Spoonful.

  • Gluten Free Mini Sufganiyot Donuts

    Gluten Free Mini Sufganiyot Donuts

    Donuts stuffed with Nutella AND they are gluten-free? Sign me up! Jelly is a traditional filling for sufganiyot, but try this Nutella version and I promise you won’t be sorry.

    For the full recipe and tutorial, visit

  • Traditional Rugelach

    Traditional Rugelach

    I have a real weakness for rugelach. It’s so delicious, I end up finishing most of it myself. Just a little warning: If you decide to make these, be sure to have lots of family over so you are forced to share, otherwise you may end up eating the entire batch!

    You can view this recipe over at Babble.

  • "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel!"

    Are these not the cutest dreidels you ever saw? You wouldn’t believe how easy they are to make and what the main ingredient is. Find out by visiting Serious Eats for the recipe.

  • Cheese Blintzes

    Cheese Blintzes

    Have you ever tried a blintze? They may very well change your life. Delicate crepes stuffed with slightly sweet cheese and topped with a delicious fruit sauce. Oh so, so good! Check out Zoe Bakes for the delicious blintzes pictured on your left.

  • Cheddar Gelt Coins

    Cheddar Gelt Coins

    Walnuts add a fun twist to the traditional cheddar gelt coins. Instead of making your own dough, this recipe uses a tried and true favorite to make things a little easier – puff pastry!

    Visit for the recipe.

  • How To Make Sufganiyot With Kids

    How To Make Sufganiyot With Kids

    Lemon-scented and stuffed with raspberry jam = one of my favorite combos! Offering a twist on the traditional jelly doughnuts, this recipe provides detailed notes on how you can get your kids involved at every step.

    Find out more on Babble.

  • Star of David Cookies

    Star of David Cookies

    Clever, clever, clever! Using both regular and blue cookie dough, you can transform the six-pointed Star of David into a cookie!

    Get the scoop over on Spoonful.

  • Vanilla Applesauce

    Vanilla Applesauce

    If your baby is just beginning to eat solids, applesauce is definitely the way to go. This ‘fancy’ version has a little added somethin’ thanks to the vanilla.

    Be sure to visit for the recipe.

  • Crispy Latkes

    Crispy Latkes

    Top these crispy latkes with sour cream, apple sauce or both for a real treat! Although I know it is not a traditional side, my girls love to eat these with a bit of ketchup.

    Head on over to for the recipe.

  • Chocolate Cherry Rugelach

    Chocolate Cherry Rugelach

    This is a yummy play on traditional rugelach using chocolate and cherries! If you have toddlers, this is a super fun treat for them to help you with. The dough is very clay like and there are quite a few goodies you sprinkle on top ;).

    You can view this recipe over at Spoonful.

  • Dreidel Sugar Cookies

    Dreidel Sugar Cookies

    You won’t believe how simple these dreidel cookies are to make! Another fun recipe to make with your toddlers (just make sure you let them know that these dreidels don’t spin).

    Find the recipe on Spoonful.

  • Sugar and Spice Noodle Pudding

    Sugar and Spice Noodle Pudding

    Kugel is a rich and delicious noodle pudding, traditionally served during Hanukkah. Apples, cinnamon and raisins add additional yumminess to this classic comfort food.

    Find the recipe on Spoonful.

  • Latkes With A Trick

    Latkes With A Trick

    Have you ever made latkes, to only have them fall apart? No? I have… This recipe reveals the ‘secret’ on how to create lacy and super crispy latkes, as taught by Martha Stewart herself.

    You can view the recipe over on Babble.

Although I am not Jewish, my family and I enjoy making many of these treats during the holidays. Latkes are a regular item on our table as everyone (including my little one) loves them! If your baby is just starting solids, try the vanilla applesauce recipe (10th slide) I can almost guarantee they will love it!

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