Top 10 Halloween Activities To Do With Your Baby

Halloween can be a scary time for little ones, we experienced as such last year with our toddler boy Wyndham.

This year we’ve been making things super friendly around here for Abby and her bro, with spooktacular ideas such as these!

  • Fun Halloween Activities With & For Your Baby....

    Fun Halloween Activities With & For Your Baby….

    Click through for some great ideas, crafts, recipes and outings you can try out this week with your babies!

  • Get Outside!

    Get Outside!

    Visit your local pumpkin patch or visit the zoo. Many zoos have great Halloween displays, events and activities this time of year.

  • Make Yummy Treats...

    Make Yummy Treats…

    Without all of the sugar. Sugar free pumpkin pie and easy sweet potato jack-o-lantern fries are a great way to start. I made them last night and both my baby and toddler loved them.
    Get more adorable, healthy Halloween treat ideas here on DB!

  • Read Not So Spooky Stories

    Read Not So Spooky Stories

    We’ve introduced a couple of fun board books to Abby, in the hopes of familiarizing her with all of this crazy Halloween business.
    Find Baby Einstein: Touch and Feel Halloween on Amazon

  • Make Easy Halloween Crafts Together

    Make Easy Halloween Crafts Together

    Babies may not be old enough to do more difficult crafts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love it. Especially finger painting. These adorable handprint and footprint ghosts are a fun and easy craft you can do with you baby and have to cherish as a keepsake! Our daycare provider made these awesome Halloween pictures backed with magnets for the fridge using dollar store foamies. Abby and Wyndham LOVE them.

  • Have a Halloween Party at Home!

    Have a Halloween Party at Home!

    We’re thinking of inviting the grandparents and some of our neighbours with little ones over to have a simple Halloween party next weekend. Some decorations, little kid friendly Halloween music, games, sugar free Halloween cupcakes and friendly costumes will be all we need.
    Photo credit: Simpson Family Life

  • Have a Neighbourhood Halloween Parade

    Have a Neighbourhood Halloween Parade

    If you are lucky enough to live in a hood with families of little ones (and you actually like them), get together for your round of early trick-or-treating! It will help your babies to see their friends dressed up and make things more fun!
    Photo Credit: Moms Town Oakville

  • Make No Carve Pumpkins

    Make No Carve Pumpkins

    Don’t stress about carving pumpkins when you can lay out generous amounts of newspaper and let your babies have at them with finger paints. They’ll love and be super proud of their art.
    Click here for 24 Awesome No Carve Pumpkin Ideas!

  • Have an Early Halloweeny Photo Shoot

    Have an Early Halloweeny Photo Shoot

    Remember those adorable fridge magnets you saw back a couple of slides ago? Well, they’re from this photo shoot. Things may be too hectic come Halloween night to get any good pictures, why not familiarize your babies with their costume and have some fun with the camera? Grandparents the world over…they WANT these pictures for Christmas. Trust me. You’ll win all of the prizes.

  • Find a Halloween Festival Near You!

    Find a Halloween Festival Near You!

    The town or city you live in more than likely hosts some sort of Halloween festival or parade. Find one close to you, the whole family will have a blast!
    Find some of the best Halloween festivals in the world here

  • Trick or Treat For Unicef

    Trick or Treat For Unicef

    Abby and her brother Wyndham are both too young for a lot of the candy that gets handed out for Halloween. We can still go for the fun of it and keep a few baby and toddler friendly treats as well as collecting some change for Unicef.
    Find out how you can Trick or Treat for Unicef too!

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