Mickey Mouse Shaped Food: What Toddler Dreams Are Made Of

I don’t know how things are going for the rest of you with toddlers, but in this neck of the woods, mine has decided that she is unwilling to eat much of anything that isn’t a bread, fruit, or cheese. While I must take some responsibility for her dislike of meat and veggies (I have never been into eating vegetables, and during pregnancy basically just had to try to force them down from time to time for good measure), it’s getting a little ridiculous. But then I had a brilliant idea, thanks to my mom and the fact that she is an enabler of Fern’s love for Mickey and Minnie Mouse. (Note: Recent Minnie Mouse emblazoned purchases from Grandma have included: a chair, a backpack, a bouncy ball, and a t-shirt – and this was only in the past month!)


Yesterday my mom stopped by with these Disney Fun Shape Cheeses from Sargento and Fern thought they were the bee’s knees. She kept saying “Mi-tee! Mit-ee! eese! eese!” (“Mickey! Mickey! Cheese! Cheese!”) over and over. And then I started thinking… Wahat other foods might she eat if I could make them into Mickey shapes? Cucumbers? Tomato or bell pepper chunks? Roasted sweet potato?

So I looked online at the Disney Store and low and behold they have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter! So, you might start seeing a lot of Mickey shaped food around these parts pretty soon. Whatever works, right?



How do you get your picky toddler to eat nutritious foods?

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