Let’s Eat!

Some of my favorite kind of baby pictures are the ones where they are eating. They crack me up! Babies always seem to make the funniest faces when they are trying to eat. It warms my heart when you get to experience a new milestone with your little one. Watching them try new foods and tastes is really an exciting thing to witness as a parent. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my daughter Rowan learning how to eat solids…

  • Let's Eat!

    Let's Eat!

    It’s such a joy to watch your little one grow and experience new things.

  • More Please!

    More Please!

    Wide eyed, and ready for some more…

  • A Little Bundle

    A Little Bundle

    They are still so tiny when you start feeding solids. So cute!

  • Open Wide!

    Open Wide!

    I loved trying out new foods with her. Waiting to see her reaction was always my favorite!

  • A Mouthful

    A Mouthful

    Ha! She is not quite sure about this mouthful.

Eating solids is a milestone that sneaks up fast and then is gone in an instant. As we get ready for our next baby to arrive, I want to make sure I try to cherish and appreciate this funny little time in our new baby’s life when she’s ready for it.

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