Halloween Treats for Babies ~ 10 Ideas for Toddler Trick-or-Treats


Candy, chips and popcorn balls are some of the most common treats to get in your child’s goody bag, but what about the babies? We’ve featured many costumes for babies for parents looking to have a little fun with their babies this Halloween, but the one thing that is missing are the treats!

  • Fruit Puffs

    Fruit Puffs

    Have you ever tried those whole grain fruit puffs? They melt in baby’s mouth and taste great. These delicious snacks come packaged in a plastic tube-styled packaging making them great for Halloween. I may or may not be munching on some right now…

  • Plum Organics Snacks

    Plum Organics Snacks

    Squeezable fruit snacks are one of my favorite choices for babies. You can find many versions at your local grocer, however Plum Organics are my favorite as they are made using only organic fruit (nothing else is added).

  • Mango


    Diced mango is a good idea as long as you keep them stored in the fridge. This is where individual lunch baggies come in handy!


  • Winnie the Pooh & Friends Stage 4 Meals, Snacks & Beverages by Beech Nut

    Winnie the Pooh & Friends Stage 4 Meals, Snacks & Beverages by Beech Nut

    Did you know Beech Nut has their own Disney line of snacks, meals and beverages for babies? The Cinnamon Grahams and Fruities Fruit Cups are great for Halloween. You can find them in Kroger, Stop ‘n Shop and Walmart stores.

  • Teething Biscuits

    Teething Biscuits

    Teething biscuits are always a win-win (for both mom and baby) as they sooth and delight at the same time. Organic and sugar-free versions are my favorite. You can usually find them in your local health food store or supermarket.

    Image credit: Flickr/jenchu

  • Pears


    As a whole fruit, these are divine and just as good chopped into bite sized pieces.

    Flickr/La Grande Farmer’s Market

  • Cheerios


    If you decide to hand out cheerios, be sure to package them in little baggies beforehand. My son loves to munch on this yummy cereal and he will be finding couple of snack-sized packets in his Halloween bag next week!

    Image credit: Flickr/theimpulsivebuy

  • Bananas


    Babies and bananas are a match made in heaven!

    Image credit: Flickr/nanetteturner

  • Yogurt


    Individual yogurt containers are a fun idea as long as you keep them refrigerated at all times. Have Grandma keep a couple of extras in the fridge and stop for a quick snack on your round-a-bout.

    Image credit: Flickr/gyroscopio

  • Goldfish Crackers

    Goldfish Crackers

    Who doesn’t love Goldfish? They are a must-have when traveling and a great idea for Halloween. The orange color is right on target for the season!

    Image credit: Wikipedia

What can you give or have your family members hand out that is both healthy and suitable for little ones? This was a question that was on my mind this morning as I started thinking about my own son’s 2nd Halloween. He will be old enough to *munch* and grab at his sister’s treats, so I want to make sure he has a nice selection for himself.

Tell me, what kind of treats do you plan on feeding your baby this Halloween?

Please note, most of these picks are only suitable for older babies who can chew.

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