8 Things That Food Allergy Parents Want From You

In honor of Food Allergy & Asthma Awareness Week, I’ve invited Brooke to post today sharing her thoughts as a parent of a little daughter with severe food allergies. Feeding Beck is hard enough – I can’t imagine also having to consider allergies. Thank you to Brooke for sharing her tips on how to be considerate to parents of children with food allergies. 

I’ve had moms sit beside me in music group saying how sorry they are about my daughter’s food allergies, then pull out a granola bar with nuts and let their child crawl around with it, trailing nut-filled crumbs behind. Their heart really is in their words, and they are thoughtful – they just can’t have the thoughts of an Allergy Parent. So, forgive me for grabbing at my first opportunity, but with Food Allergy & Asthma Awareness Week at hand, I’d love to share with other parents the 8 things that Food Allergy parents want from you.

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