10 Different Ways To Display Cupcakes At A Party Or Shower

Whether it be a wedding or a baby shower, cupcakes are my preferred choice of cake. They are cute little bite-sized packages that taste divine and can be dressed up in countless ways. The question is always – how to display them.

After huffing and puffing about it for a couple of years, I purchased a cupcake stand from Wilton and haven’t looked back since. Kids can pick their own cupcake and then you can essentially refill it as needed. Depending on which stand you choose, it can also double up as a centrepiece. No really.

Click through for 10 cupcake stands that will rock your baby shower or little one’s birthday.

  • Ferris Wheel

    Ferris Wheel

    Out of all ten cupcake stands that I am about to show you, this adorable Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder is by far my favorite. There are eight hanging baskets that hold each individual cupcake and you can even turn the wheel!

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    Does your little one love Mickey Mouse? This super cute stand from Wilton is the perfect choice for your little one’s first birthday party.

  • Carousel Cupcake Holder

    Carousel Cupcake Holder

    Simply gorgeous Put your 12 cuties on this silver-plated rotating carousel to give a real ‘wow’ factor to your next baby shower or birthday celebration.

    Where can you find it? Amazon.com.

  • Princess Pink!

    Princess Pink!

    Topped with a crown, this royal cupcake stand is fit for your little princess. and holds 24 cupcakes on three tiers. The kit includes 24 themed baking cups and 24 fun pix® toothpick decorations that match the stand.

  • Elegant Scroll

    Elegant Scroll

    Another gorgeous pick. This beautiful handcrafted Scroll Cupcake Holder holds 24 cupcakes inside individual baskets.

  • Mini Cupcakes

    Mini Cupcakes

    Do you prefer mini cupcakes? There is a stand to accommodate those as well! Wilton’s 24 Count Mini Dessert Stand is an elegant choice that features bold silver-finished wire spirals to hold each individual cupcake securely.

  • Pretty Like a Princess

    Pretty Like a Princess

    Girly girls will love this decorative 3-tier princess cupcake holder from Wilton. An incredibly fun and sweet idea for your princess’s first birthday.

  • Small Party Solution

    Small Party Solution

    Holding a small party for just a few family and friends? This small dessert stand is perfect and holds 13 cupcakes.

  • Rustic Cupcake Stand

    Rustic Cupcake Stand

    This rustic cupcake stand would accompany a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower or birthday quite nicely. Honeycomb cupcakes or an assorted selection of sweet treats would look fitting on this super unique holder!

  • Fit For A Crowd

    Fit For A Crowd

    Holding 38 cupcakes with ease, this dessert stand is ideal for just about anything. You can display fruit, chocolate cups or cupcakes with ease, while providing your guests with a gorgeous center piece.

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