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Taylor Hengen Newman is an Austin, Texas-based freelance writer, massage therapist, and mom. She enjoys writing about peaceful parenting, food politics and green urban lifestyles. In addition to contributing regularly to Disney Baby, Taylor has written for BabyZone.com, WorkingMother.com, and other parenting web sites. She blogs professionally on Parenting.com’s Natural Parenting blog, and recreationally on her own web site, Alt-Mama. Taylor’s passions include cooking, yoga, photography and entrepreneurship. She hopes to inspire others, through her work, to live consciously and creatively, and to enjoy the everyday moments of their lives.

The Lovey: Lots to Love

Many children have a favorite stuffed animal, blanket or other ‘lovey’ they adore, and bring almost everywhere.

God forbid this object gets lost or left at home. Many moms may wonder if this kind of strong attachment is good for their little one. Rest assured, an attachment to a ‘lovey’ or ‘wubbie’ is, most likely, healthy and normal. We turned to the experts for the down-low on the baby-lovey bond:

Baby Sleeping with Stuffed Animal

Sun and Water Safety for Babies

Babies enjoy playing outside and cooling off in the water as much as the rest of us do, especially during the hot summer months. But trips to the park, the beach or the pool can be nerve-wracking for moms; babies’ thin, sensitive skin is extra vulnerable to sun damage and burns, and water presents obvious safety hazards for anyone small. The solution? Work these simple precautions into your regular routine to keep your summer-lovin’ baby safe and happy.

Sunny Outside Street

Tub Tips: A Guide to Baby Bathtubs

Finding a bathtub that works for Mom and Baby alike makes tub time fun and relaxing for everyone. But how do you know which type of bathtub to choose when faced with endless options on the shelves? Our guide helps you find the style that suits your baby best, at every size, age and stage.

Baby Taking a Bath

Dress That Baby! Clothes for the First Few Months

As soon as you’ve wrapped your mind around maternity fashion, a whole new challenge arrives: What’s the little guest of honor going to wear? Buttons and bows abound in the world of baby clothes, but what about everyday babywear basics?

Mom with Dressed Up Newborn

Caring for Baby Clothes

Babies sure do cycle through a lot of clothes — and generate loads (upon loads) of laundry. What’s the key to keeping up? Work smarter, not harder! From choosing fabrics that go the distance, to treating stubborn stains, our tips will make you an instant expert in caring for baby clothes, so you’ll spend less time scrubbing and more time playing peek-a-boo.

Woman and Baby with Laundry
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